Rhinebeck Blowback

By Ann Shayne
November 1, 2016

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  • Serendipity!! It’s looking great Ann! It was so nice to meet you and Kay at Rhinebeck… have a beautiful Tuesday!

  • that’s beautiful!!! clearly meant to be!

  • May the stars align and your splendid game of yarn chicken be won!

  • what a perfect way to get a project.. those can become the very best ones…jealous and good luck!

  • I met Nell for the first time at Rhinebeck, she’s amazing! As is the simple jacket.

  • Swietzers Mill has set up at our small local fiber festival in Northeastern Pa. She is a charming, knowledgeable women who works so hard at the mill along with her husband. Loved seeing their name up on your board as it will bring them to the attention of the “knitting world”.

  • It’s already glorious to behold… Enjoy your journey. Can’t wait to see it finished.
    And did I miss something? What about your big flower coat… Is that waiting until next Rhinebeck?

    • Obviously, the flower coat comment is for Kay… Unless you, Ann, have adopted it for finishing.

  • No coincidences! So true!

  • Ann, such a great story of synchronicity and “meant to be”! I do hope, like the loaves and fishes, that your yarn will be enough to complete this lovely jacket.

  • I do hope you have enough. It’s looking great!

  • That is exactly what I would have done. Thought it was just me pitied lonely skeins like they were puppies needing a good home!

  • Lucky you! On so many levels. A friend and I went yarn crawling last weekend – I have no idea how many yards I came home with – mostly with patterns in mind and/or on hand. Life is GOOD!

  • Ann! You will look fab in that beautiful color! I also had a stop-in-my-tracks moment at Sweitzer’s…
    And thank you, I’m delighted to be part of this amazing community.

  • And I see grey! We, The Greylings, have been a’feared that recently you have been tempted down the wayward paths of colors. Shudder. Welcome back Ann

    • Never fear, Elizabeth. A Greyling can take only so much cheerful yarn. I’m heading back to the dim, dark corner we all love . . .

  • As soon as I saw that cardigan picture in the deluge from snap-and-share folks during Rhinebeck weekend, I thought, “There’s Ann Shayne’s next sweater!” It’s going to look great on you 🙂

    • I saw it in someone’s photo of Rhineback, too, and looked it up immediately on Ravelry, then favorited it. I’d love to hang out with Ann Shayne in our matching Crete jackets.

  • Oh, I think I just found a use for the Dragonfly skeins I got in Rhinebeck! Lovelly to finally meet you too ladies, even nicer in person 🙂

    • Likewise, Maria! This Crete pattern is such fun. And lucky you to get some Dragonfly . . .

  • Could you have discovered the BOLERO variation of this cute sweater ?

    • It may be a shrug at the rate I’m going through this yarn! 8 0

      • I think this pattern would look nice in subtle stripes with another (third) color. If this were my dream, I’d find a solid color gray and start adding some stripes when I got below the sleeve holes.

  • You’ve sucked me in! I’ve added Crete to my favorites and am mentally perusing my stash to find just the right yarn.

  • Ann, love the cardigan, love the yarn but can you do a more in depth feature on the two rows in one color and then two rows with the other. I’m having trouble visualizing that. Does the needle placement work? Your edges are so tidy. Very impressive!

    • Hi Laura, I’m just going to chime in here –
      You will need a circular needle for this knitting. The first 2 rows are knitted back and forth, just as usual.
      You then slide the work to the other end- where no yarn is, and attach the second ball of yarn and knit 2 more rows.
      Your work will now have a ball attached at both edges.
      The repeat is : Slide the work to the other end and knit 2 rows.
      I am on my way to my LYS with visions of blue and green intermingled and if I find it, I’ll cross-post my swatch on Raverly, my blog, Facebook and Instagram.

  • I think this design would look great with a wide border of darker grey on the bottom of the sleeves and body if you run out of the original colour.

    • Oh, Shelly, we may need to do this! I am not sure a bolero is the shape for me these days . . . thanks for the idea. Stay tuned!

  • I adore NellKnits and her amazingly clever and beautiful patterns and I am so thrilled that she will be working with MDK – another long time favorite. So much talent and humor in one place…it is serendipitous indeed.

  • That is the most gorgeous colorway ever. I would have grabbed it all up, too. I imagine the flax will give it nice drape.

  • Gorgeous.

  • I have made Nell’s Crete and love it. Not only does it look good on a hanger, it looks good on a woman’s body. And the Dragonfly yarn is so fun to knit with. Thanks for featuring Nell – let’s see more from her!

  • Beautiful!! And inspiring…..

  • Brilliant. You are an inspiration! I love your sense of adventure!

  • OMG! I was giggling so much and so loud, my husband looked up and said, “it must concern yarn and another’s buying habit that you can relate to ” And of course, out came my belly laugh. Darn but he knows me to well. Thanks for this. I I love ready the Snippets.

  • Wow! Looks gorgeous and will make such a fun jacket! I love those muted colors and wouldn’t mind wearing your jacket with jeans or dressy slacks. Have fun and hope you have enough yarn!

  • Love the colors. Can’t wait to see the finish. I love grays and as it happens my hair is now very light gray. So I look great dressed in the color gray. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • This cardigan is wonderful! Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

  • More than enough yarn for a Crete dickey.

  • I have 5 skeins of Neighborhood Fibers worsted, none of which match. I had just about completed a cardigan and discovered how off they were when I put all the pieces together to block them. After 1 gigantic RIP, i reskeined, washed and dried all 5 skeins. And there they sat jeering at me. This pattern is the perfect solution and now you can’t tell how much they don’5 match!! Thank you for helping me to salvage $200 worth of lovely, unmatched yarn! And you are right, it is a fun, intriguing knit.

    • Wow, what great news, Sandy! Way to rally! I just finished mine and love how dense and squooshy it is. Will be a superwarm sweater this season–and it came together so fast. #teamworsted

  • We want to see a FO pic. How did it turn out? I love the soft color changes.
    Julie in San Diego