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  • That Twining Wrap is inspiring me to finish MY Twining Wrap. I am going to git r done by Labor Day No Matter What.

    • I still get a thrill from the feel of this wonderful yarn when I pick Up my Twining Wrap to do my two rows every morning. I’m halfway through, but that’s only half the rows, which get longer by one stitch every right side row. Aiming for October!

  • Admiring you Refreshalongers from afar. Closing in on the second sleeve of my Guggen!

  • Ooh, don’t they all look gorgeous. One of these days I hope I have time to join in one of your KALs.

  • Well, I set my Trellis Top aside for a “rest” after finishing the back, and then found myself packing for an interstate move. I’ll be able to pick it up again in another week or so, but there’s no guarantee I’ll finish it by the deadline. Just finishing it eventually will be a big accomplishment for me. Haha, a two state project!

    • I did the same! I rrally enjoyed it but it requires a reasonable amount of attention. Needed to throw in some more mindless work for a bit. I hope to start the front in early August!

  • Have the yarn for the transom sweater…catching up on past projects…actually making sweaters for myself…unique body…somewhat willowy….fun..some hats in the fall…no deadlines..deb

  • Speaking of finished objects, did Kay ever find buttons for her Trellis Top? And sew them on? What color did Olive pick for her Trellis Top?

  • Beautiful works!