Read the Pattern. No, Really. Read It.

By Ann Shayne
September 25, 2016

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  • Right now I am knitting a baby sweater; stockinette with a three ridge garter border as stated in the pattern.. And it is rolling like an old scroll. 😛 Sometimes reading the pattern doesn’t help.

    • That is the point with baby beanies to have the edge roll up instead of using a p1, k1 ribbing

      • Patricia she is making a sweater.

  • I did this just now with a shawl. In my defense, I wanted to do one more pattern repeat but didn’t know if I had enough yarn…and then had to end with stockinette. I was afraid it would curl, and it did. Still hoping that blocking will take care of it. Maybe patterns should state ” Ending with stockinette will make the edge curl!” (I’d probably still ignore that.)

  • Been there, done that

  • I just had to rip out 2300 plus stitches in a baby blanket because I didn’t read my KNITTING. It was plain garter stitch, starting in one corner, with a YO 3 sts in from the beginning edge. I was at 180 stitches, the center, when I discovered the YOs didn’t line up at one edge. The blanket is for a customer! GRRRR! I used a much smaller needle to pick up the stitches in one row below the error and then frogged. ALWAYS check your knitting after every few rows.

  • Oh dear, the truth is sometimes so uncomfortable.

  • I feel your pain!

  • i feel your pain!

  • And so did I!!! I ended with a purl row and then the bind off row. It curled.

  • I am Knitting the Kaffe stranded throw. I am using substitute yarn to be thrifty. I knitted about half and decided I no longer cared for a stripe about half way down the completed portion. Kept knitting. Kept not liking it. I TOOK OUT THE STRIPE!, from the middle, reknitted a more suitable stripe and grafted the thing back together. It looks great! I’m so happy. Will never do that again.