Rare and Special: Three Yarns to Try

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
March 10, 2020

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  • The blue shawl has really caught my eye. Presumably that’s also Dunas, but with a garter border? But I can’t work out which shade of Civility Sport it’s in. Please enliighten me!

    • It looks like “Stonewash” to me. I’ll be curious, though, to see if I’m correct.

      • High five! You got it, Elisa. Deirdre, when you click over to the Civility product page, you’ll see all the colors available. The photo in the post shows a selection of the colors. Sorry for the confusion!

        • What is the pattern of the blue shawl in the photo?

  • I absolutely LOVE Raiz! I’m using the skein I got from MDK in Sherlock as part of my Fantastitch shawl and it is gorgeous to knit with.

    Of course, I originally got it along with a couple other colors to make a Superscript shawl…guess I better get another skein 😉

    • Love the Iqaluit shawl’s colors. What is the name of the brown color?

  • Resilient, persistent, creative problem solvers—what a team! I’m thinking about all the things one could power with a Toyota and waiting with bated breath for March Madness to begin.

    • This year’s sponsor of March Mayhem is….TOYOTA. :)))

  • I wish I were a shawl wearer! These are really beautiful. I have knitted with the Civility Sport, and I found it to be luscious to knit with and lovely to look at. These are wonderful yarns!

  • The yarns are so pretty…deb