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  • Plymouth Encore? Kidding! Kidding! But seriously, I don’t know what you’ve got in your stash but a pattern like that needs what I call Sears Yarn. The actual worsted wool they used to sell at Sears in the 1960’s. Close approximations are Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted and Knit Picks Wool of the Andes (a little itchy, but there’s a superwash version that might not be) and WEBS has a Valley Yarns Worsted that also fits the bill. Those all come in a gazillion colors, too. LOVE your swatches.

    • Knitpicks superwash “Swish” is soft, but watch out: it gets bigger when you wash it. A lot bigger. Measure your gauge swatch, wash it, and measure again before you decide how many stitches to cast on.

      • I had a similar thing happen with Madtosh. I made my swatch but didn’t wash it. Made my 1st vest which fit beautifully, soaked it, didn’t rub or agitate it, scooped it up gently and laid it on the counter. It stretched to almost double in length. I panicked and threw it in the dryer…nothing. Then I thought of the hundreds of $ I spent at the store opening. Haven’t touched it since. It pretty well scared me off superwash yarn.

  • What you may need is a worsted weight yarn that has a “hard ” finish. A crisp yarn that will make your pattern stand up and salute! Lark from Quince and Co. comes to mind.

  • I agree with the first comment. I’d use Ella Rae worsted, one of their heathers even, or any other ” Sears wool “, to bad they don’t make Germantown worsted anymore.

    • I would have called for Woolworth wool instead. We did not have a Sears to shop at. Woolworth sold Red Heart wool (not acrylic), which was decent. I miss Woolworth, and Brunswick Germantown, and Bernat Lana, which was really nice stuff. I still have some in stash.

  • Hello MDK, are we really saying “Sears Yarn” and MadelineTosh in the same sentence?!?!?!?!? Look on the Tosh website. There are a couple of worsteds other than vintage, DK and DK merino. See what you think. I know that everything has a place and there’s a place for everything but MadelineTosh sets the bar in both base and color, wouldn’t you say?

    • Yep

  • I’m late to the party on this one, so you’ve probably already chosen your yarn, but if you haven’t, I vote for Juniper Moons Farms’ Moonshine, in any of the gorgeous colors it comes in.

    Forest is one of my favorites, if you’re in the mood for a deep, rich, leafy-piney green.

    • Or Brooklyn Tweed…but a workhorse type DK or Worsted is not going to glow like Madtosh, there will not be as much color saturation (I am calling it this, but I guess I mean evenness of color and then glow of the yarn together) I don’t necessarily want shine, but I want some depth and richness that is not all same/same.

  • Can you overdye? With more dark blue?

  • I think you are using the wrong yarns for this sweater. You have selected lovely drapey yarns but your pattern calls out for a toothsome tweed. If you’re itching to start a sweater right away, I suggest you look for a pattern that will use a drapey yarn to it’s best advantage. When I have a problem matching yarn and pattern, I like to look up the yarn on Ravelry and search through the projects it’s been used in. Even if I don’t find exactly what I want there, it will give me an idea of which way I want to go