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  • How big a fail is this? Started my first ever Kal with no unfinished socks and am ending it with one half knit orphan and umpteen swatches to knit a shawl with the sock wool, Debby Bliss Rialto. Maybe you need a shawl Kal to get this contrary knitter to make another pair of socks! Looking forward to seeing all those socks, mind you.

    • You’ll be in great shape for our Abandoned Sock Shawl Swatch KAL, Moira!

      It does make one wondered if we have reduced or increased the population of single socks out there in limbo land….

      • You have increased the population of single socks by 1 and 1/2 in our household! In my defense, I joined this crusade late and had too many other things going on……but….it had been waaaay too long since I had knit socks. So…..thanks for the push !

    • I’m a contrarian as well. I made my first ballband dischcloth. I second the call for a shawl KAL.

  • For the want of a toe it would be finished although it would still be only one sock. However it was a learning experience – 64 stitches is a bit too large. Next one will be slightly smaller in diameter and I have two 11-hour flights coming up in a few weeks to finish them (and a couple of other small wips.

  • Somehow I ended up with one finished sock and another 9/10 finished sock, but from different patterns and yarn. And neither of them is one of the one-sock unfinished pairs from the WIP bin that I started with. Those turned out not to be worth rescuing. But I did finally conquer that toe-up cast on, and the whole experience made me remember how much I like making socks. I’m calling it a KAL success.

  • We had a heat wave and I didn’t even want to touch wool for the duration. Results: on the second sock, I finished the half leg remaining and turned the heel. No way I can finish up by tonight although I may get the gusset done. The sock a long was useful, however, it taught me to break them into parts which did enable me to get more done. It also taught me that five or ten rows a day may not make an FO but you do make progress. Thanks, Mason Dixon!

  • I finished a pair, my first with cables and they are lovely! I also cast on another paid yesterday, so did not complete those! But I really LOVE making socks!!!!

  • How to post to Instagram #onesockkal? I have googled ipad uploads and it just does not seem to work:(

  • Even though I do not have a finished pair yet, I consider this KAL a personal success. You have relit my spark for sockknitting and I have learned a new heel. Perhaps we should have a onesockKAL every six months or so?

  • Well I’m not going to make the deadline unless I can knit nearly the entire foot of a sock tonight, which seems unlikely. But I will finish these socks this week!

  • I’ve been following on rav, and what a glorious assemblage of cozy footery has been developing over there. Oh,the yarnz!
    One of the best things about this KAL is the fizzy and contagious excitement of the first-time-sock-knitters. Huzzah for All the Knitters of their First Socks!
    (p.s. There ain’t no enabler like a sock-knitting enabler.)

  • Got my socks on Instagram. I’m so happy and excited! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Pretty sure this is the first KAL I’ve ever managed to complete. And now my solo sock that has been lonely since the start of this year has a sibling! Thank you for organizing this KAL and helping me add another pair of socks to the drawer! Because Jeebus, it’s 95 degrees in San Jose today and wool socks? Anyone nobody got time for dat.

  • During the KAL (which I did not officially join because I don’t know how to take or upload photos – blush; I’ll learn that next!)
    I started and completed 2 pair of baby socks – one for a neighbor, one for a4A (there might have been matching hats).
    Finished a pair of PVSs for myself: sock 1 CO 2/25, sock 2 BO 5/25.
    CO and almost finished sock 1, in Glenna C’s Nice Ribbed Sock during the KAL.
    CO and almost finished sock 1 in child size, in Regia’s Sockenmonster, also for a4A.
    Such fun.

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  • I had no idea how to officially join the KAL! Alas. I do have a lovely pair of toe-up, two-at-a-time striped socks for my son. (I took pictures but, like geniaknitz I couldn’t figure out how to upload.) Which he says he will consider wearing next fall, when it gets cold.

    And I posted what I think is my first Revelry comment on the One-Sock KAL page, so that’s a win.

  • love the looks of them hope I can make it