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  • It’s been so long since I commented, I think I’ll grab the chance to be the first today. What a sweet boy, what a gorgeous blanket. Have a good time in Omaha. Loving the book here, of course!

  • I can’t wait to see what a border will do, not that it desperately needs it, it is a beautiful blanket.

  • I see my sister Susan is on line commenting so early in the day so I must follow her lead. What a lovely blanket, I am intrigued! Since sewing together is possibly one of my least favorite pastimes next to weaving in ends this could be what my 18 skeins of Cascade 220 is waiting for. more please…!

  • That boy is such a cutie! Have fun going home. Buy some stock for me!

  • i’m longing to make a mitred square blanket and this lo-sew thing may be just the push i need – i’ll be on tenterhooks.

  • Wow. I had a total geek out moment. I decide to visit your blog to see what you are up to and see that you are coming to Omaha! Wooo! I will be there with bells on!

  • If you live here in Omaha, guys…trust me. You KNOW where SoP is. It’s one of the two knitter’s meccas here in town. 🙂 *swoon* mmmm…..yaaaarn.
    🙂 Can’t wait to see y’all on Saturday!

  • Ever since I first started looking at this website I have been entranced by that blanket. So much so that I started making one, as a wedding present for my friend who is getting married this summer. I’ve decided to add a bit of my own flare: instead of sewing it together, I am crocheting it together, and think I am going to add some crochet into the actual design. Friend Alicia has not been completely in the dark about this blanket and is absolutely excited (she will be in the dark about most of the construction, because she will be doing an internship in Washington, D.C. and I will be looking for a job in Dayton, Ohio) about. Her response: “There is no way I’ll be able to forget you if I’m cuddled under a blanket you made me.” Which makes me feel like it is all worth it.

  • How long are you going to make us wait?

  • Have a good trip Kay – can’t wait to hear from you all from the road!

  • Dear Mother of cutie patootie son on handknit:
    My oldest son left Monday for the WHOLE WEEK for outdoor ed (6th graders travel Santa Cruz mountains – very cool) and you have reminded me how much I miss his sassy sweetness. Our youngest (4 yr old brother who idolizes the 6th grader) goes each day and stands in his doorway to see if he has returned….sighs and goes on his way. This morning he did the same….then entered the Legosanctuary, grabbed the blanket off the bed and took a deep breath….”I miss Harrison”
    Such a moment

  • I’ll go Rev. Linda one better and say that the photo of your darling boy is reminding me this morning that my own darling boy, who was that small when? last week? is on his way home this weekend from his first year in college. His 15-year-old sister has asked every day this week, “When will Dominic be home?” Though he’s now an independent young adult, he’s still that small, sweet boy to me.
    Keep us posted on the lo-sew technique for the blanket. I’ve been wanting to make one, too.

  • Aw, quit teasing!
    I just finished square #75 last night. The end is in sight and sewing will commence soon. And end sometime before 2010.

  • Can’t wait to see you gals in Omaha! I don’t post often but visit almost everday! Love the book and am working on the Moderne Log Cabin…modified of course! See you Saturday!

  • I love, love, love the blanket! I loved it in your book (which I am in the midst of reading) and I love it in your photo. I am planning on knitting one. Do you leave the back as is or do you line with fabric?

  • This blanket is beautiful. I am entranced as well. Hurry with the posting.

  • No problem finding String of Purls; even if you live in Lincoln.
    Looking forward to seeing Saturday.

  • Gosh, and I used to live a stone’s throw away from KC (that’d be Lawrence). Now it takes me 18 hours to drive there. Alas.
    Have fun in Kansas City and be sure to check out the Plaza. It’s an experience!

  • Awwww…. the blankie doesn’t need anything more than that cute little head.

  • they’re so adorable when they’re passed out.
    reminds me of my college years…..
    enjoy omaha.
    better yet, get your mitred backside out to LA.

  • OK, I’m back from the wilds of Southern Spain. Step Away from the Sewing Machine, and get on and border that mitred goodness. Honestly I go away for 4 days and you’re nearly taken by the Dark Side of the Force. I can hear that machine doing Darth Vader breathing from here. Throw it out of the window! I’d better send you some more denim (yarn) to lure you back – just think of me as Yoda. But lightly and attractively tanned, not green and wrinkled. x x x x

  • Kay/Ann- We’ve got a button for the KAL!!! Yay…come check it out….steal one while your at it!

  • Love the book but am having trouble keeping friends from stealing it…some of those friend crochet for the love of all that’s holy!
    MDK is just That Good.
    There’s a review on my blog http://www.thistlecovefarm.blogspot.com – enjoy!
    Please do consider driving through the hinterlands so I can get my copy autographed – purty please!

  • Ears pricked at the mention of the ‘Low-Sew’ blanket. Sounds right up my street! Darling boy in the picture – I didn’t notice him at first, too busy zooming in on the knitting…

  • I have traveled to Omaha on business every month for years and never successfully found String of Purls! Kudos for finding it!

  • I find out that Kay/Ann had been in town to sign books a few weeks before I moved here to Alabama. Dang. On the flip side, I can imagine the reaction from my family to “Look! I’ve got an autographed copy of MDK!” IT’s What? a Knitting book? Did you say knitting? Yes, and if you aren’t nice I’ll make your next scarf out of acrylic. I’m very new to the south. Unless Southern California counts and my husband says it doesn’t. I found a great yarn shop and started to feel better immediatly. Knitters, mmmm nice people no matter where you go.

  • THat photograph of the sweet little boy with his little face on the blanket should be in a gallery . IT is so peaceful, thanks for a great great post.