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  • LOL!!!

  • Ya know—Knitty has just the thing. The ‘dim sum’ cat toys. What a hoot. A wonton and an egg roll, stuffed with catnip. Perfect for Kitty Wells, who I am sure enjoys herbal stimulants as much as the next cat. Get her hyped up on catnip wrapped in snaggy acrylic and maybe she’ll stop flexing her paws on poor Kelly. I Rowenta’d that thing you know.
    Need to link to Kitty Wells’ website!!! Need a ‘Knitting Country & Western Stars’ archive section.
    Speaking of knitting and popular culture, in the picture book ‘Ten Minutes Til Bedtime’, which features many, many hamsters touring a boy’s bedtime rituals, there is a teeny tiny drawing of the Mommy hamster knitting a sweater for her 11th child. Now that I’ve seen Isaac Misrahi’s bizarre and sycophantic show, I’m no longer as excited about the fact that he knits on camera. Still excited, of course, just not AS excited.
    xo’s, Kay

  • Kay, you have the linking instincts of a pure geek. Take a look at Kitty NOW.

  • Kitty Wells, what a cutie! No matter how much stuff I knit for my little guys, the WIP is always more interesting and tastier. Even better is the finished sweater blocking on the table. Everybody loves to scratch at it and chew on it, as well as nap on it, which is why I try to block things at other people’s houses. 🙂

  • Ann– Roaring with laughter. I AM a geek because I actually thought it was a long shot that Kitty Wells HAD a website. (That’s not an inclusive list of all the reasons I am a geek.) As for my linking instincts, they are a WIP. Kitty Wells the person has herself a fine, fine website. XOX Kay