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  • i need to pipe in here about patons grace! kay needs to give me props for finding it!! yes, while she may mock me for going to p & s, but i found that great yarn there was the one who turned her onto it! i just bought some more for baby sweaters…tangelo and seabreaze. it knits up like a dream

  • Whoopsy, Lis. Kay told me in elaborate and I-Was-There detail about your trip to P & S. I stand corrected–there is nothing more precious, more worthy and laudable than finding a cheap yarn source.
    Shop on!

  • Gals, check out Annie Modesitt’s blog at http://modeknit.com/blog — she knits with wire and even offered a free pattern (that I have yet to try). All best!

  • Thanks, Maggi! Not only does Annie Modesitt knit with wire, she knits FURNITURE. Amazing site! I need to get into her world.

  • ***Birch tip ***
    Knit 2 rows in plain st.st. [or g st if doing that version].This makes the first pattern row loads easier.
    Also count to yourself as you go ,until you can ‘read’ the pattern & see what goes next.
    Also ,stay calm ! It’s only knitting :0]

  • Ann,
    Try numero three? Needles down to applaud. I know my limitations, and there is nothing I like more than watching others braver than I go forth and step off that cliff named Birch! I wish I was as patient. You go girl!

  • thanks ann–i just needed to tweak kay, for she teases me so about my obsession with p&s. let me know if you want me to get you more of that yarn.
    re: birch. my hat is off to you. i have three skeins of it for elfin and i am v. tempted to try birch with it. startitis abounds.