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  • Hilarious. You aren’t watching the Super Bowl either, are you?

  • Hilarious. You aren’t watching the Super Bowl either, are you?

  • cheer up the worst is yet to come

  • I take it that at least one of you has read Homer & Langley … ;o)

  • Awesome as usual ladies! Keep it up!
    I’m trying to ignore the Superbowl myself. For the duration I’m knitting my Green-Bay-Packers-loving FIL a green hat for his birthday. So it’s kind of like I care. And I went to a Superbowl LYS sale, so its kind of like I tailgated too. The knitter’s way of course!

  • … and the neighbors are not in stitches, LOL.

  • Been watching Grey Gardens lately? 🙂

  • Okay, I’m starting to be worried about you two.

  • Funny. As it happens I also just wrote a little “publicity” for you. I helped write a knitting trivia quiz for a local non-profit(!)”Spin-In” gathering here in little Newport, Oregon. You all were the one of the questions on the quiz, to wit:
    Mason-Dixon Knitting is a knitting blog by two women which has spawned two books and thousands of followers. Which of the following statements about M-D Knitting is true?
    a. Kay lives in New York, and Ann lives in Nashville, TN
    b. Kay’s last name is “Mason” and Ann’s last name is “Dixon.”
    c. Kay has a cat, and Ann has dogs.
    d. They met at a yarn store

  • Oh, lordie, what next?

  • The only question is: how many of us are in there with you?

  • The best is yet to come, maybe.

  • Looks like a great life, where is the problem?

  • Who let you all into my house?

  • That afghan is just what I’ve been wanting! I started knitting a “log cabin” for myself, but it went by the way-side (as usual), while I’ve been knitting gifts for others.
    Ironicallly, my fiber guild’s “raffle quilt” this year is going to be a log cabin, which we will fashion from silk ties donated to us by a retired art teacher, who apparenty received a gazillion of them from grateful students throughout his career.
    BTW, you guys CRACK ME UP!. VERY clever post! Glad I tuned in.

  • You forgot the part about the problems with the structural integrity due to the sheer volume of yarn stuffed into said UWS co-op.

  • Move over, I’m comin’ to stay a spell!

  • what did they do with merle

  • Now that’s a room you could live in.

  • “The bestseller that remains in print, 30 years later.”

  • Love! Can’t wait for the documentary.

  • This clinches it. There just needs to be an assisted living facility exclusively for aging knitters. None of us would define that photo as squalor!

  • You crack me up!

  • You girls are…HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!

  • You two are so damn funny…and oh yes you knit beautiful things too! That was my great morning wake-up and what a laugh!I just watched Grey Gardens so it made it even better…thanks for the smile, as usual!
    Ann,Good luck on the paperback.We’ll keep re-tweeting it till we get it up there!PS Kay get on Twitter!

  • Oh yeah, we’ll be waiting for the “premiere”!

  • Oh no! What a sad, sad end. And just this very morning I got an email from Amazon.com assuring me I would love your book, because “Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne are the rock stars of the knitting community…” Is it like the Chelsea Hotel over there?

  • You are awesome.
    I share a house with three people and none of them have ever been in my room. I think you just outlined the reason for this.

  • “Smells like Beef Cup o’Noodles in there!” Too hilarious!

  • A Grey Gardens homage piece? If you need an understudy, my hoarding credentials are unparalleled and I have the “guest room” to prove it.

  • Great post! Made me laugh on a dreary Monday morning. And, sadly, could see myself living that way in years to come.

  • you guys reminded me of a pair of sisters who lived in Sparta years ago they called the Moore girls. They were 80 when they passed away but still referred to as “girls” by those who knew them. When they went in their lovely Queen Anne house left to them by their Papa after the girls passed away, there were newspapers stacked to the ceiling and trash everywhere with a small path to travel through the house. You know the rest. Small town South. Just sayin’

  • Okay, nobody else has said it: “Who dat?”

  • Very optimistic that newspapers will still be in existence in 2039.

  • I had the same Grey Gardens thought. Too funny, can’t wait for the news.

  • This just in: Residents at the Upper West Side co-op (historic Rowan Wool 4-ply Shale Gardens) have relented and decided that the reclusive duo can stay so long as they promise to knit teeny-weeny sweaters for every building residents’ wee doggie.

  • They’ve seen my house?

  • Love it….you two are so funny…..
    Janice in Southeastern WI

  • I thought Grey Gardens too. How fab would that be?

  • Love it!

  • I would comment on how much I enjoyed this post, but I have to stop and clean up the coffee I snorted through my nose when I read this 🙂 If I don’t give up drinking beverages while reading y’alls posts, you’re going to be the death of me.

  • Very much a “field goal” of a blog entry. And perhaps a little too on the mark for all of us looking at those senior years coming up way too fast. As usual, I snorted my latte foam.

  • What do they mean “squalor?” Doesn’t everybody’s house look like that?

  • Thanks for brightening up my Monday. This was great–and perhaps a little too close to home. My teenagers, no slouches in the squalor department, have even complained about the volume of yarn.

  • once again, this is why we continue to read you guys!
    a thousand years ago, when i went to girls’ summer camp in nc (ton-a-wandah), the two aged ladies that ran the place were known as ‘goofus’ and ‘doodle’ – i think you two are their reincarnates…..

  • You guys slay me.

  • I [heart] you ladies very very much.

  • I just love you both.

  • I’m thinking that post should have been titeld:
    Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.
    Can’t wait!!!
    ps I appreciate your optimism that there will be a newspaper- or whatever , maybe a NewsKindiPad that shows photographs in 2039. And mail slots.

  • http://roostershamblin.wordpress.com/ would you please spend a few minutes to read my blog. I have been raising more than 50 breeds of chickens 40 years

  • Brilliant. Who do you want to play you in the movie?

  • your childern granny dumped you?

  • All the other Grey Gardens comments beat me to it. I didn’t even get past the photo before I was here to make a comment. Now to read the rest of the blog entry…

  • I look forward to the stage production. Will it be a musical?

  • Are there chickens in there too?

  • oh stop! This is too funny!

  • When will we see one of you wearing knitted garments and gold brooches on your head? “Grey Cashmere” sounds like an good title.

  • So the paperback and the Yarny Gardens docu-dramentary is all well and good(ish), but I’m still waiting for my Yee Haw Y’All Mason Dixon Yarn Rodeo Poster. (C’mon, I got a book cover and a shopping bag with my Partridge Family albums back in the day.) Will the posters be available at the red carpet premier or will we have to wait for the DVD to come out? And will we have to wear 3D glasses (“so real you can feel the yarn and will leave the theatre with cat hair on your clothes and little claw snags in your knitwear”)?

  • November 15 is my birthday…

  • Big Edie’s in there somewhere, right?
    Too, too funny.

  • I should be saying this on Rav, like you said to, shouldn’t I? Too funny! Thanks for the laugh.

  • Love you two. Browsing thru my copy of MDK and love that you remind us that knitting is spoze to be fun. Thanks so much!

  • So glad that in the future there will be newspapers in NYC with page numbers and all …..

  • I laughed out loud when I saw this: Lucy and Ethel- -the Orlon years!

  • LMAO!

  • I’m apoplectic!

  • Ladies – you are amazing! This was so funny and so scary at the same time. Just what were you drinking when you came up with this??!

  • Hilarious! And my yarn pushers invited me over to watch Grey Gardens AND the Drew Barrymore movie last year. Ummm. My living room is worst/better.