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  • Cutsie-bum picture, there.
    And very intriguing sweater! Show us more! And of course we are waiting with bated breath for pics of that thing you were working on last night. Keeping your child awake! My goodness… Such the wild life!

  • Happy Birthday Kay!!! Sounds like you girls had fun last night. I love the shawls and scarves too, don’t get me wrong, I’m even knitting one now…but 47 is definitely not too old to start in on the body art:-) Come on…maybe a nice cable braid around your ankle or a mitered square on your lower back, or even a ball of yarn on your shoulder?! I’ll be waiting to hear what you decide! Have a great birthday…filled with lots of laughter!
    p.s…talk to me about linen drape, a little birdie from down south sent me 10 balls in a lavender color and all I need is some inspiration!!

  • LOL at the mitered square on my lower back!!!!!
    Shriek! That would freak Ann right OUT–she does not even have her ears pierced!
    Also love the image of appearing in a tattoo parlor with my copy of Vivian Hoxbro’s Domino Knitting and saying, I want THIS ONE, here on page 46…..xoxo Kay

  • Happy Birthday!
    It was wonderful seeing you, Heather and Phyllis again last night, and meeting Cassie, Abby and Valentina. I hope we can do it again sometime soon.

  • Happy Birthday! Looks like you had fun. Glad you figured out Deco, can’t wait to see it πŸ™‚

  • Happy Birthday. And yay for you for facing an old UFO. Somehow those UFOs develop a scary aura and are actually not too bad once faced down. I can’t wait to see you in your perfect springtime cardi.

  • I’ve long threatened a tattoo to celebrate my 50th birthday (which is yet more than 5 years away). Something hidden, where nobody but me and hubby would know about it? That appeals to me more than I should admit. Ball of yarn? Little Christian “Fish” symbol? Design made out of my sons’ initials? My own initials?
    The only thing really holding me back is knowing that I can’t give blood for a year after a tattoo.
    Talk to me in 2011….

  • I remember when I was a tot and my parents (and even moreso, my GRANDparents) kept me up at night, I would get soooooo irritated. The excessive partying that usually went on in my fambly probably explains why in college I was typically the designated driver and liked to turn in before midnight. Sob.* All this to say, please do keep your children up with your carousing, especially of the knitting variety. You are surely to discourage them from such behavior later on.
    Hope your birthday was very enjoyable! Mwah!
    *Note, I am really a fun person, honest I am. I’m just partial to sleep.

  • Happy birthday! As Ozzy Osbourne has shown us, you’re never too old for body art….

  • Happy Birthday! I think this calls for the shearing of a sheep!

  • Happy Birthday Kay!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you get to have some delicious cake to celebrate!

  • Hey Kay – HappyBirthday! Being a woman who shares your-ahem- certain age, I believe we are still cool enough for body art. I am actively lobbying for a tattoo artist to come up with ink that disappears in 5 years, so the mitered square on now firm flesh won’t be – um- stretched and need blocking – in a decade or so.
    gale (she shoots sheep shots)

  • Deco lives ! Fab !
    My former maths teachers would laugh at my constant companion calculator,and the amount of maths I do to alter/improve designs.
    I really wish I could have been there.To celebrate your birthday and meet great knitters.

  • Tantissimi auguri!! Buon Compleanno!
    always the last to the party, i know, but I was thinking about you all day.
    I love birthdays and usually get far more excited than my children..
    auguri e baci

  • Happy Birthday! Now go get some body art woman…

  • Many, many happy returns of the day!

  • happy happy birthday! (I agree with everyone else that it’s never too late for body art, and know one of my former french teachers had the star from “The Little Prince” tatooed somewhere on her 50th birthday. I’m too much of a wimp to do it myself, but enjoy hearing that others are!)

  • Happy, Happy sweetheart ! Body art would be fab – my sister-in-law just got some for her 43rd, of course she did have to pick out a site that was unlikely to sag, wrinkle or otherwise pucker ….. which meant a very small space about an inch square above her left ankle :0)
    Heather x

  • KAY!!!!
    Happy Birthday late. Sounds like you had a perfectly fun party.
    May I eat a piece of birthday cake in your honor? πŸ™‚ Please instruct on flavor, frosting, flowers or not etc.

  • Happy Birthday Kay!! Hope you had a nice day…it seemed like you did! How could you not? Two birthday crowns and a homemade cake from you Momma! [BTW, cake was GOOD!!][Baby Jamie thought so too!!] Glad to know ya another year!!

  • Happy Birthday!!! *cartwheel* *thunk* *ow…*
    I remember well as a child being kerfuzzled at adult’s subdued non-excitement for birthdays. Cake! Presents! Being the center of attention and not getting in trouble for it! Woohooo!
    Anxious to see pics of that afghan…

  • Happy Birthday- hope you had a great day!

  • Happy Birthday, Kay!! Getting core right is a great way to celebrate your birthday!

  • Welcome to 47, Kay.
    Gale, I almost wet my pants! stretching and blocking, indeed!
    I still enjoy the belly button piercing I got for my 40th, and the gauged multiples I got in my ears for 43. I wonder what I can mutilate for my 50th? Got two and a half years to think about it.
    Clif wants his name on my butt.

  • happy happy birthday- for another 47 years of knitting and keeping the munchkins up πŸ™‚

  • Happy (belated) B’day! You look fabulous m’dear, and what’s more, you’ve got the gift of the knit. Who could ask for more?

  • Wow, now I have to worry about the future blocking of my Body Art? I was figuring that since it’s on my back, *I* won’t have to see it.
    Thanks again for a really fun night!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ( a day late but i figure that birthdays should be celebrated for a whole week )

  • Happy, happy birthday pet.
    (and a calculator? What happened to living on the edge? Taking chances….ripping things out 458 times?)

  • Happy Birthday Kay! I finished a sweater last night that I started in…2001, so your behavior with Deco seems perfectly rational to me.
    There is what seems to be a great write-up on how to do sleeves that fit in the horribly titled book “Knit It Now.” (An otherwise very good book, however. Particularly for those of us with a wee bit of stash.) Of course, I can only say “seems to be,” as I haven’t yet put it to the test. My UFO from last summer (see? not 2001 — progress!) is going to be my guinea pig.
    Will toast your birthday tonight with knitting water. Hope it’s a magnificent year for you!

  • Can’t wait to Deco! I have to agree that getting UFOs to FO is a great feeling…almost like a spiritual cleasning ritual of sorts, getting you on an incredible high.

  • Happy Belated Birthday, Kay! And congratulations on Deco–Woo Hoo!

  • Happy Happy Birthday!!

  • Happy early Easter ya’ll. Hope you find some good eggs and put ’em in yer baskets. Stay put, so the Easter bunny can find you, ‘kay?

  • Happy Birthday, Kay! πŸ™‚