My Norah Gaughan Pullover: Tips ’n’ Tricks

By Ann Shayne
February 26, 2019

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  • Gorgeous sweater — and in my favorite color, too!

    • #TeamGREEN! I am about to start another green sweater. I may knit only green sweaters from here on out.

  • It’s really beautiful, Ann.

  • Wow!!!:)

  • Ann, you made me a Magic Loop convert, can’t think why I’ve avoided it before. Used the ML for my Liberty Tree sleeves and neck ribbing, finished yesterday! Well done! BTW, Why is your yard green and mine white?

    • Ah, a convert! Makes my day! I would love to trade yards with you–Nashville hasn’t had a decent snow since 2004, for pity’s sake. I know it sounds crazy, but I’d like to be snowbound, for a day or two maybe?

  • It looks amazing! I knit sleeve one using two circulars but I’m attempting magic loop on sleeve two. So far so good!

    • Good luck! I’m a two-circs fan as well, so I’m reserving the right to revert to it for socks. But I’m so glad you’re giving it a try. Like pretty much anything in knitting, there’s a rhythm you have to develop with magic loop.

  • I know what you mean about Newark airport! Glad you were able to look on the bright side!

  • Gorgeous…
    Great photo, too, of the moss on moss. Perfect backdrop! Enjoy wearing your new beauty.

  • Brilliant! I’m knitting the same combo and love the idea of the simplified collar. I’m off to tackle my second sleeve, see you at the finish line!

  • Beautiful sweater. The color and length are perfect on you.

  • Oooh–nice neck mod!

  • I used to travel a lot and then for some reason did not travel from 2004 until this past June of 2018, when I went to Tennessee. In those pre 2004 days I did love the Newark Airport! (Just saying’).

    Ann, your sweater turned out lovely! It looks very nice on you, too. As my grandma would say, wear it in good health. ❤

    • Thank you, Diane! Tennessee forever! ; )

  • That may be the nicest thing anyone has ever said about the Newark Airport. Great sweater!

  • Your stitches are beautiful!

  • Beautiful. I like the neck edge !

  • I’ve been stuck at the Newark airport (sadly – after my grandmother’s funeral) with knitting and it didn’t help to change my impression of it 🙂 Also – in the weirdest turn, I ran into people I knew and they wouldn’t leave me alone and I had a lacework disaster just before they found me so all I could think about was shutting them up so I could fix the knitting. Don’t I sound like a lovely person to run into?

    On a more pleasant note – your sweater looks lovely and I think the bind off is just right. I just realized that I knit a sweater this month. I’ve been following this KAL but didn’t put 2 and 2 together. I did a top down raglan – something I rarely knit – but opted to make the sleeves flat from the underarm. And I’m a nut for magic loop sleeves. But in this instance, there was going to be too much bulk so I went flat. It’s def more fun to knit those sleeves in the round.

    • Flat! Amazing! I never thought of such an idea, but it makes total sense. Thanks for the idea!

  • I especially love the neckline treatment!

  • Love the neck mod. If I ever do another swirl topper will steal that to make it more all season.

    • Swirl Topper = so beautiful!

  • Beautiful!

  • Love everything about this! The color, the pattern, how it looks so great on you! I’m finally onto the ribbing for my Liberty Tree pullover…Will have to try to magic loop for the sleeves!

  • I’m totally stealing your neckline idea. I love how it makes those little waves, and I didn’t want to lose them.
    Your sweater looks wonderful!!

  • I love how your sweater turned out! I’ve saved your notes because I want to make one just like it! The neckline is really terrific. Thanks for sharing all of your notes with us!

  • One of the best! A great knit!!

  • Just fantastic!!!!

  • Beautiful sweater. Love the color. Beautiful model.

  • Gorgeous!

  • Love that neckline!!

  • Ann you look fabulous! I’m way behind in banging – still most of 1 sleeve to go. I might make it yet.

    • 30 mph wind made it all just the blowiest thing ever. AND DONT STOP KNITTING YOU ARE ALMOST DONE

  • The sweater is beautiful, but I am interested in the jacket. Is that a hand knit? What is the pattern if so?

    • The jacket is a dark blue cloth jacket. I do like the gigantic snaps, which might be fun to put on a handknit sweater.

  • And it is absolutely beautiful ❤️ Brava !

  • Newark Airport…my plane change to North Carolina and my daughter’s MFA graduation event, the sudden realization I was looking at the Statue of Liberty. The first and likely only time and I am forever grateful to the Newark Airport for that transcendent moment.
    And you and sweater and setting, just great.

    • An excellent reminder to LOOK UP ANN YOU MIGHT SEE THE STATUE OF LIBERTY.

  • Gorgeous sweater! I love that color!!

  • such a great looking sweater! You’ve confirmed for me that I need to do a sweater with the Elaine design (as well as every other of Norah’s Interchangeability designs), and I love how the neckline looks. I am currently stalled with some disappointing frogging on my Calligraphy that I am doing in denim yarn (sigh! definitely not making the month deadline – my next goal is to wear it to Rhinebeck!) – but I love my ‘wavy’ neckline too. I may end up doing absolutely nothing at the cast-on as far as picking up and knitting, but just leaving as it is. Your sweater confirms how much I really love the neckline!

    • Condolences on your frogging. You are going to crush it once you get past The Zone Of Previous Mishap.

      • Frogging, as many agree, is really still ‘knitting’, so I know I cannot let it keep me down too long. But still – it’s backwards progress and I can’t help but feel a little disappointed initially! 🙁 But, it’s why I have many WIPs – if I get stymied by one, I can jump on others until I can return with a better mindset. I’m absolutely finishing it, and fingers crossed at least 3 other sweaters, before Rhinebeck. And – still loving denim yarn, despite current setback. Wouldn’t absolutely everything by Norah look fabulous in denim yarn??

  • Ann, your sweater is beautiful and fits you perfectly. Love your idea for finishing the neckline. I’m behind on my Calligraphy, but am enjoying the knitting and the good company.

  • Looks great!! I’ve heard about all that rain from my sister and dad – hope things dry out a bit soon!

    • PS. I am really enjoy the knitalong – my first!

  • neckular area! Poor Genius!

  • Gorgeous!

  • The sweater looks great on you, even if the color gets lost in the moss! I can just hear you singing along with the other Kermit: “It’s not easy being green,….”

  • Ann, that’s a sweet sweater! Definitely your color, as it is mine. Hmmm – you’ve given me inspiration for my next project! Happy knitting! Lois

  • Gorgeous! I’m stealing that neckline trick. I don’t really see myself having an inch of ribbing in my neckular region either. Swan like, I am not.

  • Beautiful, Ann! Looks great on you! Congratulations on a quick and speedy bangoutasweater success.

  • That’s a mighty fine sweater Anne. I hesitate to say I’m green with envy, but I am.

  • It is gorgeous! Well done you.

  • Ann it looks so fetching on you, perfect fit, perfect color.

  • Your sweater is gorgeous. I love the switch to the capelet yoke and hope to do the same soon!

  • Love what you did with the neck. I’m with you on having less in the neckular area.

  • I’m into my cardigan thing because if I’m not hot, I’m cold and a pullover is just a pain. The reason that god made steeks and Elizabeth Zimmerman gave me courage