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  • Ann,
    Would you like me to whip up a Dr. Seuss hat to make the picture complete….?
    Nice work ;o)

  • SO cool…. LOVE the frown! Your picture cheered me up hugely. In fact nearly to the point where I am not jealous that you have finished birch while mine still lies around flaunting it’s lack of a third pattern repeat.
    Really beautiful! And I hope you always wear it with that expression.

  • What, no trailer park in the background? 😉 That shawl is sooo beautiful, you’ve made a Birch convert out of me. Awesome job.

  • I think Sharon is right, it needs the Dr. Seuss hat for *full* effect. Excellent frown! But where is the dirndl skirt, a la Rowan model?

  • great photo – totally made my morning!! 🙂

  • THUMP… (sound of me laughing so hard, I fall out of my chair) WHOOOshhhh CRASH (sound me slipping on the tears.

  • Someone’s getting a trailer home for X-Mas…

  • Can’t wait to see the double-wide set up on cinderblocks down by the bronze fennel.
    Hooty-hoo!! You are so weird girl!!!! Your public has waited too long for the pants-less pic of your Splash!
    Adoringly, unworthy to touch the hem of your shawl, Kay

  • Hey ladies, I just LOVE this blog. And I’ve linked to you–using a button I created myself (modeled after the highway sign on the Mason-Dixon line I found on the Google image search). Visit my blog to check the button out–and if you like it you are welcome to take it and post it here, for other button-loving bloggers to use.
    Nice work on the shawl, Ann!

  • Speaking of Morticia and Jemima Puddleduck, I was watching the old Little Women (the June Allyson and not Winona as Jo version) and there certainly were plenty of shawls in the Costume Department for that one! Even Jo wore ’em.
    And when poor Beth, on her deathbed, was holding a hank of wool as brave Marmee wound it into a ball (she was knitting for the Union soldiers no doubt)…let’s just say I was ferklempt and boo-hooing away on multiple levels.
    Shawls–they’re SO back. Love, Kay

  • Wonderful Ann – love the expression!

  • beth dies?????? omg!!
    ann…you should have been a model! birch is delicious on you, you crazy, funny knitter you.

  • Ann, the Birch looks spectacular and your Rowan-like pose just makes it for me!! I’m a Birch convert too!!
    On a more serious note may I ask what type of needles you used to knit it…do you prefer bamboo (crystal palace), nickle-plated (addi turbos) or plastic/resin (Denise Interchangeable needles)? ….Any other Birch knitters please jump in wirh your opinions too!!
    I totally love this blog, you and Kay have become an integral part of my day.
    Thanks to both of you for sharing and the inspiration!
    And lots of smiles and chuckles!

  • Dear y’all: Ah, heck, anything for a laugh. It’s not easy to get that kind of pallor going, you know. And waiting until the light was fading meant standing in the front yard at prime walking time, so our neighbors got to watch and admire the spectacle of my blogtographer, Hubbo, tenderly adjusting my Birch and my expression until it approximated that of a person with dreadful indigestion. “No, you look too happy. That’s it.”
    You can’t really tell from the picture, but I have excellent bone structure and weigh about 110 pounds.
    Love to everybody.

  • Debi–Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Re needles, I used Clover bamboo circulars because that’s what I use for everything. I did have problems again and again with the blunt tips making it difficult to pick up the two-stitch decreases, and if I’d been on the ball I’d have switched to pointier Addi Turbos, because Emma says they have given her a lot of speed on her Birch. But I do think that metal needles might have been too slippery for me, what with the slipperiness of the yarn. But I did wish that I’d used sharper-pointed needles. And come to think of it, I do have one pair of Addi bamboo circulars (in a different size) that have sharper points. They would have been helpful.
    I’m like an Amway salesman about Birch: come on, try it! Here, have a seat in my living room and I’ll show you this little video . . .

  • Ya know, Ann, I’m betting Hubbo’s expression as he posed you for your Rowan model debut was very similar to the Big Adorable’s when he first glimpsed me wearing a light on my head in the car the other night. (Somewhere between ‘you crack me up you adorable minx’ and ‘stop that–you’re scaring me’). I am a bit concerned about what the neighbors (yours, not mine–why do you think I live here?) are thinking. It started with knitwear hanging from the bushes for photos; now Ann is out there in the yard wearing UNMATCHING CLOTHING.

  • Brooks–How incredible that you would make us a button–kind of like bringing a plate of cookies to a neighbor, in a virtual way. Thanks so much! We love it. Your blog is terrific, with production values that we at Mason-Dixon Knitting can only dream about. We are hoping for a new look before long. In the meantime, at least we have this ultracool button.
    x0 Ann

  • Love the shawl and adore the photo! You are just too cute.
    (All you need is a smashing striped bonnet and you are so there :-))

  • That is just too funny – classic!
    Wendy x

  • Morticia was the object of a great deal of preadolescent longing in our childhood: Ann’s attempt to inhabit the “space” left by Morticia through knitting is a brave effort to “close” the circle opened by adulthood.
    BTW, a trailer would look swell in Belle Meade, especially on her front lawn.

  • Hi Ann!
    I just discovered your blog – which I love! – and was thrilled to find out that you had completed Birch – I poured over your tips. I’m making it in Kidsilk Haze “Chill” – a really beautiful silver grey color – to wear at my wedding reception over my wedding gown (and no the wedding is not in a trailer park!). My question to you is how long is this baby going to take to produce? (the 299 cast ons are daunting) I ordered the yarn from my LYS two months ago, and Rowan hasn’t yet delivered (true to form for them). The wedding is in 9 weeks. Can I do the shawl in a month if I have to or should I scour the internet for another supplier immediately?
    I plan to start blogging soon, (after I get that wedding out of the way!) and I, too, have a Starmore to share. I’ll let you know when I get a link up. Happy knitting!