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  • That’s hilarious! I actually thought, when I first saw the picture, that she had really young eyes…but who wants to question an old woman to see if she’s really old?

  • That’s…that’s…well, that’s just really, really odd.
    The tip off might have been the “if lost call” bit on the nametag. I kept waiting for you to tell me that she was really lost.
    Man you people are wacko down there. Say what you will about us Northerners, but man, that’s wacked. 😉

  • Does “person”ality limit us to making an appearance as alternate human selves? Because, you know, ever since you turned us on to star nosed moles, I, uh…nevermind.

  • Now THAT is funny! Thanks for sharing.

  • I have reached the age where I couldn’t do that, make-upwise, without hurting my own feelings. Cinema verite, ya know? It’s fine when you’re 20. Mid-40s, one clings to one’s illusions with a super-glue grip. My chin is so NOT doing that.
    Go Seta–you mad, mad lady, you!
    Ann, did you seriously take the bait? That’s awesome acting!
    And am I the only non-Nashvillian wondering whether you guys don’t have perhaps a little too much time on your hands???
    Just sayin. xoxo Kay

  • OMG…..I love her – Sela that is. And to think that this morning I didn’t even know that there would be such a thing as a “Windy City Winding Party” in Chicago – my Chicago. Now, I find out that I can come as someone else………woo hoo!!!!

  • I thought that Beauty Shop hair looked like a wig! What a hoot! Sounds like you have a fun knitting group!

  • Wow. Wow. Wow. That is awesome.
    I’m coming for Thanksgiving next year as Batman…

  • I am sitting here moaning that I will not be in Chicago that day.

  • Tell Seta that she is welcome to come with you as soon as you make arrangements for a meet-up in Northern California. You and Kay are hereby officially invited to drop in at my house anytime you are out this way…and even to invite your friends here to knit. 😉

  • Ohhhh, someone did that to me once, and I totally fell for it. He didn’t come to knit, but dressed up (down!) as a creepy rubby and came to a party at my house. Lucky for me he had neglected to disguise his pearly white teeth…

  • It’s an alternate universe,isn’t it ?
    I’ll just get back to the sick child [AGAIN !] and the pile of stuff that needs doing…

  • So, since you have scheduled the Windy City party when I am out of town (snif! I will forgive you for that…eventually) does this post mean I get to send a stand-in? Because only Susan and Mary Neal would know it wasn’t me, and I bet I could bribe them with yarn.

  • That’s a little too Mama’s Family for me. Does Vicki Lawrence know about this?

  • LOL! Every time I think about this, I chuckle again. Did she have old lady perfume on, too?

  • Ack! Old lady perfume! Well, this is a good story. I like the description of her hose.

  • ahh i love a surprise ending. cute story, thanks for the laugh. 🙂

  • I nearly choked on my cough drop when I read the “BABKA? VODKA!” part. Suddenly, I want a friend like Corabel.

  • This is just priceless…I don’t know any of you but I love you people!

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