MDK March Mayhem, Round 3: Vote

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
March 24, 2017

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  • This is proving to be both lots of fun and interesting. From my original choices of eight, I’ve got three sweaters, three ‘heads and hands’, two shawls and the Sheep still in the running for the Championship.
    Looking forward to seeing if any survive through to Round 4!

  • It’s tooooooo haaaarrrrrrdddddd….

  • I’m already 3/4 of the way through a sweater I found here. (It’s been a crazy week.) So far, it’s still in the running!

  • So strange. I’ve gone up and down and thru the survey monkey business….to which I even signed into in hopes I could find the voting “booth”….each time previous it was right there. I have either entered the twilight zone…or for me…its not there. I am unable to vote this round
    The fun news. 2 of my favs still remain in all 4 categories.

    • I didn’t see it at first, either, but now its there. You might want to try again.

    • Same difficulty here. The link to “Create your own user feedback survey” shows, but there’s no window above it for voting. I tried refreshing the page, and switching to a different browser, with the same result. Does Survey Monkey require Flash?

      • Very sorry for any trouble you may be having! Not sure about Flash requirement, but I do think ad blockers may affect things.

    • I didnt see it at first either, but once I refreshed the browser page, it appeared on my screen. If that doesnt work for you, try using a different browser.

  • This is becoming remarkably difficult. You will put together a bunch of kits when this is all over…won’t you please?!

    • Now, there’s an idea!

  • Check your ad blocker. It may be stopping survey monkey from popping up. I paused the ad blocker and the survey box magically appeared.

  • Argh! my favorite sweater didn’t make it! (PNW #1)

    I made it easy for myself by listing my initial eight choices for each category on a piece of paper and crossing off those that didn’t carry forward. 🙂

  • Haven’t voted in earlier rounds but thought I’d at least look at the patterns. Unfortunately, the PDF version just takes me to the Bumble Sweater on shawls, and hats/accessories and baby/toys. So, best of luck on your contest.
    At least University of Kansas has advanced to the Elite Eight in the basketball tournament!

    • After reading through the comments, I found the voting booth. So, I was able to see pics of the projects though the patterns weren’t available. Anyway, I’ve jumped into the game and we’ll see what happens from here!

  • So much fun!

  • I don’t know if I’m the only one with this problem, but one of the links in the sweater section of the PDF brought me to the Bumble pattern which is no longer in the running, and then one of the links in the hands/head/feet section brought me to the Bumble pattern. I just searched for the missing pattern, but I thought you’d want to know.

  • Many thanks to the wonderful person who created the bundles–made it soooo much easier to choose patterns.

  • I’ve been trying to print out the PDF but there’s a long-running script or something that’s keeping it from printing. Arrgh. Guess I’ll just vote.

  • I’m kind of excited that I am still choosing from my original 8 in each bracket. But, in shawls, I’ve switched one of my choices. To be honest, shawls aren’t a big deal for me. I *am* kind of disappointed that there aren’t any cardigans left in the sweater category. I probably knit 10 cardigans to 1 pullover, so that’s where my loyalties lie.

  • I have at least one pattern from each category, and in one case, still have three of my original eight choices. I know it’s bad of me, but now I’m wondering in some categories (especially sweaters, my favorite thing to knit): What are you thinking?

  • This is so much fun, you two! What a great idea (and thanks for all the great pattern ideas; I thank you, but my queue does not 😉 ).

  • This is really fun!!!!!!

  • The passerine hat is amazing!

    • It’s super fun to knit too!

  • Thank you for building the bundles so we could see the Round 3 contestants in one place. Made voting a lot easier.

  • I voted. My favs were pretty much left in the dust in Round 1. I had a really hard time voting in one category since I disliked all of them. I’m sorry; apparently I have different taste than many voters.

  • This is too much fun. I’ve been able to keep voting from my original 8 so that’s fun too.
    What a good idea! and silly too!
    Who knew knitting would become such a big thing? Like women’s basketball. Anyone watching that?

  • This has been a lot of fun, and I’ve seen some beautiful patterns I would have missed otherwise. One suggestion for next time (and I certainly hope there will be a next time): Perhaps voters should not have to vote in all the categories. In one category this time, I wasn’t fond of most of the entries, and by Round 2 I was choosing randomly among those designs. That felt wrong to me, but I wanted the chance to vote in the other categories.

  • Unable to find where to vote. No box to scroll through?

    • Whoops. Never mind. Voting box came up somehow. I voted. Can’t wait til final voting.

    • I’ve never seen the voting either. Every time I get a notification it is closed.

  • The voting box isn’t showing for me, either. I’ve tried refreshing the page and tried loading it on another browser to no avail. I don’t have an ad blocker on. Wah! I’ll keep refreshing….

    • Please come back on Monday, March 27 to vote for Round 4! Round 3 voting closed last night at 3 am EDT.

      • Will do, chief!

  • No clue how to vote