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  • Shift along by Andrea Mowry is one of my favorites. However, I did not see a suggestion for a yarn to knit this hat. I don’t know if that was intentional?
    I have already starting buying ng patterns. Thank you so much for March mayhem. The timing is perfect.
    Stay well and try to enjoy life in these difficult times.

    • She’s amazing! I Don know about the long floats though…might have to use the jacquard technique.

      • Ok, not sure how it landed here, this comment is for Lotta Lundin, though Andrea is amazing too.

  • Thank you for alerting me to the existence of EVEN MORE mittens by Lotta Lundin; her design page on Ravelry is an inspiration. I want to knit all the mittens!!

    • I too love her mittens. Jimi Hendrix is on my to-knit list!

  • Love Sagostad mittens by Sofia Kammeborn. So charming. Her designs have such delightful whimsy.

  • Ugh i love so many of these! No idea how I’ll choose, but ill have fun doing it!

  • Fruity Knitting podcast in YouTube interviewed Wooly Wormhead. I always liked her designs, but now I TRULY appreciate the genius!!