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  • In serious love with rumo amd want to cast on asap – what yarn would you suggest from the MDK shop? I want the rustic neutral look of the original.

  • I would like to say that clicking through to the Ravelry images and seeing what they look like on other bodies and yarns and colors made a difference in how I reacted to the pattern. Changed/opened my mind to some that I may not have considered. Thanks for the links.

    • Martha L, this was my experience exactly. There are now two patterns that I am seriously considering making after searching the Revelry project pages, but had it been for the pattern photo alone I never would have considered them.

  • Wow! Really nice choices. I’ve been searching for a cardigan pattern for some cotton I have in the stash – I’ve saved several of these in my favorites and fairly certain one of these will be on the needles soon.

  • I just cast on the Savage Heart cardi in Mohonk. I makes such a gorgeous, light fabric at this gauge. So lovely.

  • Be still my heart. I looked at a number of these sweaters on Ravelry and have “favorites”. I have almost 2 pounds of handspun perendale lamb yarn that is waiting for a worsted sweater. This amount of yarn is still growing into an amount for a nice sweater. This list really helps. I am pretty sure that I will knit the Savage Heart sweater. I always love Carol Feller’s architectural designs, though. I also have loads of CVM sportweight yarn (from my sheep).

  • Such great choices. Even if my nomination wasn’t picked. I like Rumo and Savage Heart. I am just about finished with the baby Cockleshell Cardigan. I only had to rip out the pattern on the left side edge three times yesterday. So, I feel likeI have it down now, I think Spud and Chloe Sweater…. I love how Kay’s turned out but I can’t recall the yarn.

    • I used Elemental Affects Cormo Worsted but my next one will be Soud & Chloe Sweater after seeing how nicely Cristina’s turned out.

  • Which MDK yarn would you choose for Tabouli?

  • I am in love with Kaare and Cardizen. Can you suggest which of your yarns for each of these? I want to support MDK! I love your emails. Thanks so much for all that you do.

  • Living in Colorado, not by choice, the weather changes frequently. Last Wednesday we had a snow storm that closed everything and yesterday it was in the 50’s.
    Cardigans are my go to sweater to knit and wear and this is heaven

  • F.Y.I. for anyone looking for yarn suggestions using yarn from MDK, go to last Friday’s post announcing the March Mayhem bracket and click on the “Here’s The Bracket” headline. Every pattern comes up. Click on any design and a window opens with a description of that item and MDK’s yarn suggestions! Very handy

    • Correction: You don’t have to go to last Friday’s post. The same thing is near the beginning of today’s post too! Check it out;)

  • Can’t decide whether Tabouli or Boxed &Cabled is my favorite.
    I misunderstood last year’s contest, but think I have it now. I copied the brackets to Preview & am going through Ravelry looking at each entry & how they look in different colors & done by amateurs (like me!). Once I’ve done this fun chore, I complete the brackets.
    It’s taking forever to study 64 patterns, but whaddayagonnado! So what if I’m not finishing chores or actually knitting? They don’t call it March MADNESS for nothing!!

  • I just want to say that I love ‘dissent’ and the sentiment and the cuteness of couple modelling have totally sold it to me <3

  • You have outdone yourselves this year! What a roundup of great designs!
    Must. Knit. ALL. The. Cardigans!

  • My goodness such a lovely collection of cardigans! The voting will be difficult.

  • These are some flat out fabulous designs, only a few of which I’ve seen. THANKS!

  • Clamber….joe? You ask…..the cable goddess Gaughan, that’s how!! Just blew me away

    • How? Supposed to be how???

  • I have been wanting to try a sweater. Sheffield cardigan caught my eye and is supposed to be good for beginners so maybe it is time to jump in.

  • Where do i find this patterns?

  • From where are you’s to order yarn or a kit