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  • It was the best weekend ever. Crossing fingers that i’m in again!

  • Gee, that series of pictures above brings back happy memories of the 2018 retreat! Ann, Kay, Claire, it certainly was the very best ever! There was such great attention to detail. It was all done from the heart, and I felt that at every moment. The memories are still warm me and make me smile, and remind me also that I have to keep working at finding ways to balance my work time and my free time. It was a very rich experience fir me. Thank you so very much!

  • Such a happy time! SO tempted to throw my name in the (knitted) hat again but already have lots of travel happening next spring/summer. Sniff.

  • Registered with fingers crossed! 🙂

    • Me too, Laura!

  • Good morning Ann and Kay,
    I checked the link for registration on the St Andrew’s Sewanee School, and in the registration paragraph, they have the registration dates as August 2019 (not 2018). Might want to have them check that so there’s no confusion!

    • Thank you for your eagle eye!

  • O.I.WISH!


  • I am tearing up at the very prospect of attending. The last knitting workshop I attended was Sock Summit 2009 and it’s my happy place when I need to escape, mentally. Thanks to all for the hard work setting the whole thing up, it’s very appreciated.

  • Dang dang dang! And other expressions of dismay. That WOULD be my 35th college reunion weekend elsewhere, so you MUST have a 3rd getaway in 2020 (which might double as my 40th at SAS — I’ll have to check).

    • Please 🙂

      • Anna! Count on it!

  • Have you considered doing some sort of contest for those not able to afford to attend the getaway an opportunity to actually be able to go? A scholarship or something?

  • I have a feeling if you gave 1st choice to last years attendees, there’d be no open spaces! Fingers crossed!

    • As much as I selfishly wish for all attendees this year getting first dibs, I think this is a pretty great compromise. (But I am still selfishly hoping to get in).

  • This sounds like an awesome experience….except….as an older woman with medical issues, I really do need a private bathroom. Three days of shared bathrooms would not be a relaxing vacation for me And it’s during the last week of school, so the timing is rather unfortunate. Hope there will be future retreats that are more accommodating.

  • “If we have more than 100 registrants at the close of the registration period…” You crack me up! Let us know if it took more than an hour to reach 100! Those are 100 lucky knitters, whoever they are.

    • That’s why we do the lottery, so it’s not first-come, first-served and everyone who is interested has a shot.

  • Hoping to win the lottery for a second year. Either way, thank you for reposting the photos.

  • Hi friends, did I miss the registration option? This morning (22nd) the page says it’s expired, and I can’t find my way in. Was it last night? Dang. I was gonna dream.

  • How/when will we be notified as to whether we make the cut?

    • If I read the entire post I would know. Sorry.

  • What’s the cost? Sorry if I missed it…….. Thanks!