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  • dude. if you came out to berkeley, CA we would NOT scoff at the mitered square action. we have a sweet yarn store here, too. and it’s right next to a bakery.

  • You posted that at one in the morning?? Go to bed, already! We want to know, but we’ll let you sleep, too.

  • O HALLELUJAH! Welcome home, dollface.

  • That is way too cool a toy.
    *plays with toy and annoys own friends with*

  • I’ve just finally managed to have a hot cup of tea. Two whole pots went cold while I had my nose in ‘The Book’ wich arrived this morning.

  • AArgh! Which Which Which. And there I was this morning laughing at a sign advertising ‘sandwitches’.

  • Oh my gosh! I LOVE that cool new toy!! Thanks so much for sharing that with us!

  • I’ve always feared what “they” would write about me in the papers……
    “crazed pastor protests for civil rights while knitting and dragging her 3 children along behind”
    “serious concerns have been reported about a woman who thinks she can BE a pastor while knitting and maintaining a family life which includes competitive sporting events for one of her children. They say she is on her way OUT”
    But YOUR article says I have my prayers in the right priority!
    Take some down time – REALLY.
    And sew us up some blanket!

  • Ann Aitchby indeed! Can’t wait to see the formula! No pressure though – take your time, looking forward to lots of natural light photos of finished blanket!

  • We miss you both in Omaha already.
    Just thought I’d share my own news story, and what’s saddest about it is that it could well be true:

  • I ordered your book from KnitPicks last night…I was waiting to see if it became a Mother’s Day gift but I can no longer stand the anticipation, and have since been assured that it is NOT.
    I called KnitPicks this morning (love those people, truly I do, they let me change a yarn color from what I ordered last night and wished me a cheery good morning at oh-dark-thirty)AND it’s shipping today!
    I can’t wait….the mitered square and log cabin blankies and the linen wash cloths and handtowels…MUST.KNIT.EVERY.THING.

  • can’t STAND the loveliness of David at the 4th-grade biography fair. a biography fair! the importance of learning history! (and living history!)
    cheers to you both

  • Glad you escaped the mid-west in one piece… and I’m waiting, I’m not a big fan of sewing but I keep looking at those mitered squares!

  • Because reading this blog is one of my (not even guilty) pleasures and because we were just informed that we’re going to be grandparents for the first time (HOORAY!!), I just knew I had to get your book.
    Well, I just have to say thank you, Ann & Kay. Not since the EZ books have I read a knitting book cover to cover. I mean, I really read it, like it was a novel or something. It was fun and interesting just like the blog. And the projects… I’ve already signed up over at Cristina’s and ordered the color card of Peaches and Cream. I’ve called around at local LYSs to see what yarn I can get (1st grandchildren are too good for stash yarn, I’ve decided) for what project. The ducks are in a row: I want to make every single thing in this book starting with all the baby ones.
    THANK YOU so much for hours of enjoyment already spent and more to come. And for getting me out of a 2-year knitting slump. I’m really very excited about all of this and can’t thank you enough.

  • What a fab toy ! I have to have me a go of that :0)
    Given that I have just cast off my first mitred square I am confident that you are going to tell us that is fine and that the patented no-sew method does not involve not casting off ??? Confident, you hear me ??!

  • Kay, do you remember all of that Tahki Cotton Classic that I emailed you about? Do you remember?!
    Do you want to know what it is doing right now?
    Sitting. Alone and by itself, with only the angora blends to keep it company.
    Do you know why it’s sitting alone? Because it is waiting for the no-sew mitered squares post!
    Please Kay, please. For the sake of the Tahki Cotton Classic. I can’t stand it’s sad little juicie/blah faces.

  • Like everyone else here I’ve bought your book and love it. I’m knitting a log cabin blanket. Have you seen the fantastic quilts on this site: http://www.sohe.wisc.edu/depts/ hlatc/quiltsExhibit/logCabin.html
    I found it when I was searching for different ways of joining log cabin squares.

  • Brigid, are you sure about that link? It didn’t work for me. And I was looking forward to drooling over all the beautiful quilts…

  • Too bad Rev. Linda didn’t give Paul Simon credit for the lyrics she quoted. Graceland, “Boy in the Bubble”.