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  • Kay, have you ever been to The Ink Pad in the West Village? It is the best stamp store *ever*. Usually what happens when I go there is that I either spend $250 or nothing. Because I am incapable of picking out only a few items in that amazing store. They also have great classes.

  • I love the Taro Tag!

  • Mmmm…stamping. LOVE stamping. Send me your address, and I’ll send you a card or something.

  • Awesome! That blanket just keeps getting better and better.
    Oh and thanks for the links – I just bought a print from Making Fiends! “Swinging Charlotte,” because my niece Charlotte loves to swing and can be mighty fiendish when she wants.
    Looking forward to tomorrow! 🙂

  • Would you be surprised if I told you I have a *big time* stamping history? I thought not. Those photos have me itching to get out the stamp pads now!
    Nice tag, nice thought. Makes the gift so much more personal.

  • The tag is adorable.
    I tried the picking up stitches and three-needle bind off with my Psych Squares. The results were quick but ugly. 🙁 I’m not much of a perfectionist but the mattress stitch looks sooooooooooooooo nice, I think I’ll have to suck it up and spend the rest of my life seaming.

  • Darlin’ idea for the tag — I love for items to show their history like that. And I had to giggle over the idea of stamping some of those things … eggs? … from your Martha list. I’ve stamped many things, but that wasn’t on the list!
    Applause from another TN knitter —
    – Carolyn B., Collierville, TN

  • Ooh, the backing for my baby blankie in progress is also going to be in Kaffe’s Roman Glass, and now that you have this stamp-y label idea in my brain… Well, wow!

  • I, too HAD to have the martha mag…for the very same two articles…your end result is WAY more inspiring, though!
    sign me up for the tee shirts….
    what a HOOT!

  • Kay, I love the denim quilt – great designs! But I think you got 2005 wrong – yikes – I think it should be “MMV”.
    You’ve inspired me to try demin yarn though – can’t wait to try it for my grandnephew. Great knitting!

  • … primo stitching…. “by golly, you’ve got it!”

  • Oh my goodness, I have drawers and drawers of rubber stamps! I too was wondering if I should renew. I guess I’ve going to have too!
    Love your tag.
    Great stuff!

  • Oh see, now, this is what you get up to when you are deprived of kir sustenance. (We shall not mention my own recently hatched notion of sewing fabric envelopes to deliver my knitted baby goodies in. Craziness, I tell you.)
    But, that being said, the label is marvelous and it puts the stamp thing in a whole new light. Much more entertaining than stamping the paid bills with a picture of the North Wind before filing them…

  • I love the stamping and the patch, way too cool! Talking about tiny sewing stitches, I recently picked up the sewing needle too and made a wee drawstring bag that took me 3 nights! I bet I could’ve knitted one up in a night!

  • That will teach me never to comment when I have a blinding sinus headache. Of course you had the MMV on there. MY mistake!!!!! Anyway, like I said yesterday, great knitting. Lovely idea to sign it.
    Kathleen (whose eyes have cleared today)

  • well you KNEW you’d get me to come out of the woodwork with that adorable label. I just love it and now want to stop knitting and simply label everything. braveau! superfantastic!

  • What an adorable label! Fantastic idea! I love blending mediums. He’s a lucky boy!

  • Hi Kay, I love what you’ve done with those rubber stamps.

  • Kay, the label is gorgeous. You just have an idea a minute, don’t you? Do they sell the Kaffe Fassett fabrics in fabric stores or do you have to order them through a catalog?

  • Gorgeous label. It reminds me of all the goodness that can be found at my local, fabulous Paper Source store: http://www.paper-source.com/.

  • Kay, I’m right there with you with the stamping! It looks great – I really love the denim quilt, esp. the square with orange in it – that’s my favorite. How about custom stamping some knitting book plates? or getting tatoo ink pads and making knitting tattoos? you could have a whole side-blog going here – stamping and knitting! Annhb

  • Kay;
    I’ve been reading Mason-Dixon Knitting for a while and just thought you should know your denim knitting was the influence that got me to break my yarn fast. I just bought 2000 yards of Den M Nit from Elann, mid indigo color. I’ve given up on most cotton yarns, but your projects are just too seductive to resist. I’m off to find a pattern I like for a casual fall jacket!

  • well you KNEW you’d get me to come out of the woodwork with that adorable label. I just love it and now want to stop knitting and simply label everything. braveau! superfantastic!

  • I love the bag. I just wanted to let you know that stampin up is also a hobbie of mine. I just love to make my own cards and scrapbook myself. I go on the third friday of the month to just sit with friend and stamp. Have yourself a great day.

  • Love the stamped label – it looks great!