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  • Better than many of the entries in the fashion show. And speaking of both that and the jacket, is it pronounced meetered or mightered?

  • That is one AMAZING coat! Kudos to Sara.

  • where oh where can I find out more about this jacket???!!!!. I want to make one for myself.
    It looks just fabulous!!!!

  • Happy Father’s Day to the Shayne and Gardiner dads. I hope all is well in Grundy County and the Gardiner outpost.

  • Thanks for all of your nice compliments!
    Note to Lauren: It’s mitered. 🙂
    Note to Jan: If you google “Koigu Oriental Jacket” you will fine sellers of the pattern.
    I suggest you go to where you can find a huge selection of Koigu that you can see in person to make your color choices. It calls for two solids and six varigated. It is easy once you get started, very few seams. Our LYS has a wall of it at http://www.yarnexpressions.com
    Note to Ann and Kay: I scared myself when I logged onto your site today! What funny girls you are!

  • What a great picture of Sara and her Oriental Jacket! Another note to Jan: I saw copies of the pattern at the Manning’s booth at Camp Stitches, so try http://www.the-mannings.com.

  • Well, Well, Well. I guess I’m glad to say I live in Huntsville. I think I’ll be checking out that BEAUTIFUL work first hand. Wow, what a piece of art work. I know it sounds corny but I really do feel a sense of wonder when I talk to an artist that talented. It’s no small piece of work to pull off a project like that. Thank you for the picture!

  • Grundy County, as in “I went down to the Grundy County Auction”?
    I may break into song at any minute.

  • thank you all for your help. I am in Japan right now and this jacket looks SO Japanese. I will check out those sites and also when I am back in the states this July maybe I can do some shopping.
    thank you all so much!!!!!

  • Koigu is fabu. And so are you!
    And kudos to Sara who looks divine in her jacket.

  • WOW!! That jacket is FABULOUS!!! I’m interested in making one two.
    Finding colors is easy!!!
    It calls for solids and varigated? Easy! Pick your varigated yarns, and, then pick the color of your solids from the colors in the varigated. Easy!
    Any of you come across a really good sight/pattern on how to make this – do post. Please.
    Becky in MO

  • Wow, what more can you say.

  • Sara knows colors! The trick is the balance of colors and she did it beautifully! This is, I think, the prettiest jacket I’ve seen in this pattern. So glad you posted it for all to see!

  • Lordie that jacket is amazing! It reminds me of Gustav Klimt.

  • Dude. That jacket is insane in the membrane. I’m waaaay impressed.

  • Kudos to Sara on a stunning jacket. I envy her eye for color — striking and harmonious at once. I covet the pattern. I want to make one for myself. Oh it is just beautiful….ok I’m gushing, but the jacket really is a work of art.

  • Yay, Sarah. I got my Koigu Oriental Jacket done just in time to wear it to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in May. I have never seen pictures of anyone else finishing one. So now there are at least two of us. Great job.
    Mine is done in purple and blues.

  • Wow! That is so. Freaking. Cool. I am so jelous. I would never have the fortitude for something like that. But it is something to aspire to!

  • Wow! That is so. Freaking. Cool. I am so jelous. I would never have the fortitude for something like that. But it is something to aspire to!

  • Utterly gorgeous!! Kelli is right, it looks like a Klimt painting. Have been ogling that pattern for quite a while, but never thought I would have the patience. But it is soooo fabulous. How long did it take to knit?