Making a Life, Literally

By Ann Shayne
August 4, 2020

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  • Okay, now I gotta watch Alone! I have wondered about the series, so thank you for the review!

  • This sounds fascinating. What I always wonder in shows like this is who is photographing them? Do they set up a camera themselves? Is each contestant assigned a photographer? How does this all happen? In the Amazing Race there are literally only two people producing the show. The host and one other. There is a lot of scrambling about on airplanes. I would love to know the behind-the-scenes on this one. Chloe

    • We have been obsessed with this show the past few months. They have to film themselves using either a big camera on a tripod or a gopro type camera. They talk to the camera explaining what they’re doing, how they’re feeling etc. The only contact they have with producers is for periodic medical checks. The contestants also have satellite phones in case of emergency or when they want to tap out/quit.

  • Although making a boat is not high on my making agenda, I do enjoy this book as bedtime reading. The makers are fascinating and inspiring. I fall asleep with visions of casting on or starting something new that I’ve yet to try. Thank you both for my daily dose of “can do” with a generous dollop of humor.

  • My husband and I have pretty much all of them! Its a great show to watch. I love catching ourselves talking crap about the participants knowing full well that we would fail in less than a week if we did it. Lol

  • Can you watch episodes of Making a Life, at a later time? I’m afraid my Saturdays are spoken for.

    • Francis, If you sign up for the event, you will receive a link to a recording of it. It will also live on the Making a Life page on Facebook and on the Making a Life You Tube Channel. This is assuming all of the technology works. It should but . . . I always worry a bit.

      • Thanks, good to know. Just started the book, enjoying it very much, but 3 am is a bit early for me.

  • The only other time I’ve encountered the word “coracle” was while taking classes from the wildly inventive knitter Debbie New. She knit a lace coracle. You can search for images on the web, or look in her book “Unexpected Knitting” or in Meg Swanson’s “A Gathering of Lace.”

  • I just started watching season 3 on Hulu this weekend! One of the contestants wives is a knitter! He has an orange twisted stitch hat that I would love the pattern for!
    Hulu has seasons 3-7. I had to pull myself away!
    Great show, very creative people.

    • I loved Fowler’s hat too! He was definitely one of their most talented makers.

  • This is probably my favorite show!! And you have hit on one of the themes that resonate with me. It’s really a show about introspection. As they found out in the very first season, survival skills alone won’t win the show. It’s really all about making a life in the fullest sense, without the buffers of supportive others or the drama of distressing g others. It’s all about what are you made of? How do you look at adversity and risk? Aside from your social self, who are you? Quite a powerful show, breathtaking scenery, amazing ingenuity. I am hooked!

  • My husband and I watched every season but the current one. We were hooked and couldn’t wait to watch the next show.

  • I am addicted to this show! the raw creativity and ingenuity of the survivalists is fascinating. I root for the makers each season, watching them build simple joys that ward off loneliness and create a sense of place in the wild. Keep watching. Each season is better than the last!

  • I’m watching the Arctic season right now! Totally addictive….and puts ‘survival’ into context!