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  • Kay, you are just amazing! (Do I think that because we love the same things: Lopapeysas, denim yarn, Honey cowls, jeans jackets, for starters?) Beautiful work, girl!

  • Kay, you are just amazing! (Do I think that because we love the same things: Lopapeysas, denim yarn, Honey cowls, jeans jackets, for starters?) Beautiful work, girl!

  • Kay, you are just amazing! (Do I think that because we love the same things: Lopapeysas, denim yarn, Honey cowls, jeans jackets, for starters?) Beautiful work, girl!

  • Kay, you are just amazing! (Do I think that because we love the same things: Lopapeysas, denim yarn, Honey cowls, jeans jackets, for starters?) Beautiful work, girl!

  • The Lopis/lopas (plural?) are fabulous. I have no idea why you are into multiples other than sheer tenaciousness, but it is to be admired.
    And finally – Whitby. After all these years. Go, go go! X x x

  • Hi Kay,
    I’m knitting a cardigan in lett-lopi: and the pattern’s suggestions for the sleeves say cast on 47 stitches (5.5mm needles, US 9), which is HUGE and I am dainty. I checked your project on ravelry, and the lopapeysas are worked at the same gauge – how many stitches did you cast on for the sleeve, please? I’m thinking about 33?

  • I love those sweaters. I really like the dark grey with the pops of red on the yoke. The more I see of your Icelandic sweaters, the more I itch to make one. However, I refuse to knit one in temperatures above 10 degrees C.

  • Hi Jane,
    For this last one, which is for an XS woman, I cast on 38 for the sleeves, for the others it was 42 or 44. They need to be roomy enough to wear a shirt underneath; the sweaters would be too warm and itchy for most people to wear solo, I think.

  • I, too, am floored by this Vince Gill thing. “Amy” is the most perfect song ever, and I would have paid him some attention all these years if I knew!

  • Should I know who Vince Gill even is?

  • oh do I love those sweaters. It took me over a year to jump on the Honey Cowl bandwagon but this one needs no time to marinate, I just wish I had your knitting grit (Gritting?).
    I still don’t believe the Vince Gill-PPL thing.

  • My whole thing is What Kind Of Band Name Is Pure Prairie League? It’s like The Alan Parsons Project or Bachman Turner Overdrive or Stone Temple Pilots.
    Whitby is looking mighty juicy. The lopaie (?) are multiplying in such a gratifying way. I am going to invent a commute for myself in order to increase my knitting time. Just go ride the bus around town or something.

  • Oh, man, you got me going on Denim and I started Mystic and now I thinking Whitbey might have been a better choice… Totally going to steal tunicification and shirt tail idea. 🙂 Love the Lopis – I remember making a pink one in 3! days for my sister when we were in high school. Addictive then, addictive now.

  • Does liking to garden make me an honorary Gardiner? Just looking for some loop hole to get me on the sweater list. (Still.)

  • Going to start calling you Ms. Franksdottir. Beautiful sweaters. The Jon pattern is super mod, a fun departure. Variations on a theme, that’s what artists do.

  • It doesn’t seem weird to me to make multiples of the same sweater. I’m thinking of doing the same thing with the Tangled Yoke, just so I have a new one in a bigger size. I might even make the stockinette sweater I’m working on a second time just to do a solid instead of a stripe. It is all wonderful!

  • Wow. Mazal tov and kudos – beautiful sweaters. Heirlooms to be cherished and worn.

  • Simply smashing, your lopapeysa, Kay. And that goes for all those in your queue, too.

  • Love love love these! They are perfect for N California weather! I’m thinking about starting one!

  • Love the shots of the lopapeysen (yet another possible plural? going for the Old Germanic here) with their arms around one another’s shoulders!
    Beautiful sweaters. Multiples just seem like common sense to me, or, as you say, a way of really learning a pattern. Are you doing Jon as a pullover (I suppose) or as a cardigan? The second Rav shot shows a cardiganized version.
    Lope on!

  • I prefer to think of this sort of thing as a ‘study’ of (insert pattern name here). It sounds kinda high falutin and artsy rather than like I’m obsessed. As always, YMMV on the presentation. Gorgeous work, no matter how many iterations you produce dear Sweater Knitter.

  • multiples? perhaps these sweaters could lovingly be dubbed. “the sybil collection”…..
    all kidding aside, the sweaters are beautiful, you’ve photographed them with. whimsy, too. there is somrthing very satisfying about seeing these three completed sweaters. ot’s kind of like the cookie baking that my grandmother did for Greek Easter, at the end of the day there would be dozens upon dozens of three different kinds of traditional cookies, all completed, causing one to have a hushed feeling of security and of a deep, respectful appreciation for the maker. that’s kind of how it feels to see those three sweaters all finished and nice. i hope the balance of your day is as satisfying as the commuting part.
    knit on!
    p.s.–with regard to the multiples: have you had your horoscope done? perhaps your moon or your mars, or something, is in gemi. just saying. 🙂

  • The knitting is (of course) impressive, and goodness knows it’s about a million times more knitting than I am likely to achieve, but Kay, I have to pipe up and say also how much I like the styling you did to shoot them! Very, very nice 🙂

  • Does Vince Gill still play at the Station Inn in Nashville on Mondays?

  • oops! that was supposex to. be gemini, not gemi.
    BTW, Ann, taking a regular bus ride “for commuting purposes” is a great idea! i think back on the morning bus that i took to the subway when going to school and the three busses each way that i took to/from my first job in the six months before i learned to drive. not only did i complete projects, but i. was a “regular”, riding with”regulars”. a few were such characters, you wouldn’t believe! there was a chance to people watch, reflect on what their lives might be, and to also think about “stuff”. becomming a commuting “regular” a couple of mornings (or afternoons) a week could be fun.
    knit on!

  • One Lopapeysa=Seven honey cowls…a sort of “cowl-years” for sweaters.

  • One Lopapeysa=Seven honey cowls…a sort of “cowl-years” for sweaters.

  • Oh, mary Deb, that is funny! He is from oklahoma, and a HUGE country singer, and he’s married to amy grant.

  • Oh, mary Deb, that is funny! He is from oklahoma, and a HUGE country singer, and he’s married to amy grant.

  • Yes, Vince Gill was really with Pure Prairie League! I took a picture of the back of my LP (really, I still have them all, except my Beatles albums which disappeared!!!)but can’t figure out how to include a picture of it here. Just listen to Janny Lou and you will know it’s him. His voice is incredible but his guitar playing? I can’t even describe it. Fabulous. Seeing him live is the only way to see what his talents hold. Love the sweaters!

  • Go Kay!

  • I keep saying I am going to make one of these…. you are making me really want to cast on!

  • Vince Gill in Pure Prairie League — how in the world did I miss this through the years? Nothin’ better than the long version of “Amy!” Thanks for this great post, Kay — I love the sweaters.

  • Susan–Vince and the Time Jumpers, the swing band he sits in with on Mondays, got so popular that they moved to 3rd and Lindsley, a bigger venue! They’ll be on Prairie Home Companion this Saturday for those who want to hear His Vinceness in action.

  • Those sweaters are so juicy! My stash is wide and deep and now located in two cities so I think my lopapeysa will have to wait for awhile. How many yards did it take for an extra small?

  • I know I’m showing my age here, but I agree with the poster who said “Amy” is the most perfect song ever. Especially to sing along with on the car radio. I’m glad your Lopi sweaters are all BFF’s—I want to knit one (or a dozen) for myself, but it’s hard to decide where to jump in.

  • Me too on “Amy” though I didn’t know Vince gill either (sorry Ann). Love the sweaters. Not knitting enough recently.
    Not on the twitter either so the reference is lost. I think I sound older than I even am (an dim not so young, but not a Luddite either)!!

  • Gorgeous knits and a fun post – thanks! Lucky relatives to receive all these goodies.

  • Love the multiples. I just made twelve cushions for the kids playschool. I always think I will make multiples and then have a hard time getting more than one done (maybe because I have a hard time getting one done). But. Lovely. And that Jon! Smoking hot lopapeysa.

  • It’s so nice to hear from you again, and even nicer to know that you still have time and inclination for The Knitting, even if RealJob (thanks, Chawne!) gets in the way!

  • Oh My goodness-honey cowls are one thing and Icelandic sweaters are another-Totally. I admire your tenacity, patience, knitting skills, etc. etc. they are beautiful and I wish I could make one but I will stick to honey cowls. Happy Mothers Day!

  • i read on the net about yarn bombing at a mall
    in aussie land really fine wool week i think
    i like to use the times square web cam
    we could all plan a time for you to be there
    and you could wave at us yes i know good night
    knitting for your family is lovely and loveing

  • Happy Mothers Day Ann! Happy Mothers Day Kay!

  • LOVE your Icelandic sweaters-so beautiful. I’ve made two and am hooked; can’t wait to start a few more this fall.

  • Holy Moley! How much knitting did you do on the A/C line? As always, you amaze. Beautiful sweaters, all of them. Maybe you can show me how to knit one when Darling Daughter gets a bit older. xo

  • Kay,
    I know you’re looking for Rowan Denim. Check out Letsknit.com. It’s on sale and she has color 320, but Since she doesn’t show it, I can’t tell what color that is.
    Anyone else reading this post, please note, Kay gets first dibs!
    Sorry for the random capitalization. My i-pad has a mind of it’s own.

  • I love these sweaters – you have enthused me to buy the book and I am planning on knitting the riddari in the cream colourway as you have done. Do you have a note of the names of the shades of lett lopi you used for that? Thank you so much