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  • That IS an unfortunate 70’s song. Dawn looks great, and I love the butterfly faerie!!!!!!

  • Oh – I absolutely loved that song as a 10 year old in 1973. Helen Reddy was It … “I am woman, hear me roar …”

  • Me too! I’m blocking too! I finally remembered to buy blocking wires while in a yarn store and they had a big bottle of Eucalan. So a sweater, scarf, poncho and assorted other things are laid out on the dining room table. Only thought about blogging about it though. You win.

  • The wrap is beautiful in pictures AND in person. Happy to meet your kitchener-ing needs–I enjoy doing it. I like making up sweaters, too. Go figure.

  • Ooh, noooo! Now I have that same earworm! Thanks, Kay. 🙂
    Your Dawn looks lovely.

  • I’m not even going to listen (but I will say that I like… um, can stomach… Helen’s version better than Tanya’s)… LALALALALALA!

  • That looks AMAZING Kay! What are the white bits – is that an embellishment you did after, or is it a tiny lacy row? The i-cord looks terrific (because anyone who knitted that much i-cord should be praised as a matter of course).

  • Dawn, yes.
    Delta Dawn. That hair! Those pants! I lived through them, but, in retrospect, the 70s really scare me sometimes.
    Also, hum the theme to the old Dick Van Dyke Show–it’s the lemon sorbet of earworms.

  • Isn’t it a rule of etiquette not to infect others’ heads with Delta Dawn?
    Years ago, I worked in a factory, and when that song came on the Muzak, we’d all start singing along. Those many, many repeats at the end fade out of your head after a few months, so don’t worry, you’ll be fine eventually…

  • Nope — no way, not even going there because the last thing I need is a Helen Reddy earworm. Love the Dawn!! Must queque that.

  • Dear heart, just substitute Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons “Dawn, go away I’m no good for yooooooouuuuu……” and you’re cured.

  • Dawn is gorgeous! Now, please go shave your head and model it exactly as shown on the Ravelry page. Then we’ll know it’s really done. Thank you.

  • So pretty, and so much thicker looking (and thus even warmer) than the pattern in Ravelry.
    I’m just waiting to make something that isn’t either a scarf or a pair of socks. I feel like it’s all I’ve done for the past few weeks, even though that is definitely not true!

  • Great choice for the matching i-cord — it really looks terrific!

  • If only the BB Butterfly could make it cooler here in NYC than in Omaha! So far LYS has had the grace to ignore the, um, dampness of my visit. Hasn’t dampened my fun, though!

  • The shag haircut! And the horrible machine smocking at the neck!
    I loved that song….and “Keep on singing, don’t stop singing, you’re gonna be a star someday….”

  • fun posting love me the butterfly

  • The Dawn wrap is beautifil! I especially admire the way the I-cord is “edgeless, yet has a nice edge”. There is something very satisfying about it.
    As for Helen Reddy’s duds, well, that was a period in time that’s definitely recognizeable by its fashion. Perhaps I am blinded (and a bit jaded?) by today’s fashion, because I cannot think of WHAT fashion defines our current era. I know it will be something, but can’t think of what. (guess I’ll have to check back here, though, in 2048 to see what’s on You Tube….)
    LoveDiane :):)

  • Looks really beautiful. Wonderful colours.

  • Gosh, I hate it when my yarn sings “catchy tunes” while I knit! But thanks for the fun Helen Reddy memory. Nothing brings back. . . 7th grade. . . quite like Delta Dawn from the Midnight Special!!!!

  • Dawn looks fabulous. Way to bias, Kay!

  • Wow, that is one of the prettiest Dawns I’ve ever seen and the only one of the knitted variety. Just beautiful!

  • Wholly Molly, thats perrty yarn! I think you should come out with your own yarn collection and have Rowan sponsor you!

  • the bass player looks like Jerry Garcia.
    the song brings back memories (as all of us nearly 50 year old commenters have noticed…)
    i am sorry, i have nothing knitty to say… i am off to check out more Helen Reddy, like for example, is she still alive???
    and i made a warshrag that coincidentally matched a book… go check it out on my blog… i think i will start a new trend… knitting and reading.
    oh, look. i said something knitty!!

  • That much i-cord needs a challenge at Knitty City but it’s too hot in NYC for that right now…maybe the Fall. Butterfly coach in Central Park? All the oddness clearly not here in PDX.

  • That IS an unfortunate 70’s song. Dawn looks great, and I love the butterfly faerie!!!!!!