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  • …”I was teaching (Rosanne Cash) to knit at the time”…
    Seriously how do you get that kind of gig? I can’t wrap my head around it. I think I would be too starstruck to remember how to knit.
    I love how your sweater is turning out btw.

  • The surreality of listening to On Being on while pulling up this post and remembering the Roseanne Cash episode and then reading about the same in this post… I need more coffee!!

  • I’m so pleased you mentioned On Being. Listening to that show weekly is the closest I come to going to church these days. A weekly dose of thoughtful, intelligent conversation on topics that touch us all deeply – so refreshing. Imagine what the world would be like if we could replace every trashy reality show which features women treating each other badly with a hour of Krista Tippett!

  • Off to look for On Being! I loved Krista Tippett on NPR. What is that pile of yarn in the bottom photo? Color pops?

  • Love On Being, too but haven’t admitted it in public. I’ve read the work of this morning’s guest before–good stuff.

  • My avowed atheist husband LOVES Krista Tippett and buys whatever book is mentioned by her guest. I’m more of a Radiolab fan, myself. And you all are weakening my knit-from-stash resolve. Plutolopi (my mashup name for it) is exactly the kind of thing I groove on.

  • I’m so inspired by this blog and these sweaters. I’m trying hard to get through my beginner into advanced beginner stage of knitting and then be able to move on to advanced work. Hmmmmm…..I live in Darien, CT….maybe I need to take a train to the city for knitting lessons with Kay!! By the way, I taught Roseanne Cash’s daughter, Chelsea, in second grade at Ann’s alma mater. It’s a small world even though, I’ve never met either of you. Onward and upward. Have a happy Sunday and stay warm.

  • Hearing Johnny Cash on stage with has daughter, telling the world how much he loves and admires her–I am still crying. Very, very special.

  • Manchurian Candidate instead of the scarier debate? Smart. Another Krista Tippet fan here.

  • Today in It’s Funny Because It’s True:
    “I don’t think a person could get through The Manchurian Candidate without some very compelling knitting to hold onto. You have to watch five episodes of Murder, She Wrote just to feel OK about Angela Lansbury again.”

    • That’s part of the reason I’ve never watched the original Manchurian Candidate. I don’t want all those years of watching Murder She Wrote with my grandma ruined. Same goes for A Clockwork Orange (would ruin Singin’ in the Rain forever) and the Robin Williams movie where he’s a creepy photo clerk (One Hour Photo). There are certain things you can’t un-see.

  • In one of those weird Sunday morning mojo things, The Manchurian Candidate is in my top 3 movies of all time, as I type this I am watching Murder She Wrote and Seth Godin came for a visit at Greyston two weeks ago. I love him. I have to run up to the yarn shop to pick up some needles. I thought I had everything I needed for my Stopover but, alas, I was wrong. I can’t help thinking that if things go on in this theme, it will turn out that Lawrence Harvey stole my needles and killed his girlfriend with my 10.5 dpns, Jessica Fletcher will figure it out because she’ll notice the size of the very curious hole that they poked in my knitting bag and Seth Godin will tell me in two, very pithy sentences, that I will be a better knitter if I embrace what I have instead of seeking for what isn’t there.

    • If this were Ravelry, I’d be clicking those “funny” and “love” buttons so hard right now

    • Hey Karen, I just read “20 Celebrities Who Happily Knit ” (Google), and there’s a pic of Angela Lansbury knitting in bed! Hoo-wee, can’t make this stuff up!

  • What a surprise and a treat to be reminded of Roeseann Cash’s interview, and the duet with her father. Took me back, with some tears over the music world’s loss.

    Sorry, not doing the knitting. Much as I admire Mary Jane Mucklestone, and colorwork, and the Stopover sweater, sweaters are just too much knitting for me.

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  • Finished my Stopover today. Not only did this KAL push me out of my garter stitch short row shawl rut (although I may need to do one as a palate cleanser), I had a reason to use the gray heather Lett Lopi two parishioners brought me from Iceland a couple of years ago.

    So much fun to watch all the finished Stopovers popping up everywhere!

  • Another Krista Tippet fan, here. The Roseanne Cash and Carrie Newcomer (another knitter!) episodes are my favorites, especially the unedited versions of the interviews.

    My father took the family to see Johnny Cash when I was in elementary school. It’s only in the past 15 years of so, though, that I’ve fully realized what a gift that was.

    Looking forward to seeing your sweater — with that gray and blue, you really are knitting a cloud.

  • “… eating a Larabar”

    I’m so glad you weren’t actually eating a Labrador, as that’s how I read this sentence first time around!

  • Raises hand – Krista Tippett fan here, too. Also, I watched The Manchurian Candidate last weekend (checked it out from the library!), and thought then that I really needed a cleansing by repeated doses of Jessica Fletcher.

  • We watched “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” again last night instead!

    Working on sleeve #2 since “Stopover” is in rotation with a “Honey Cowl” and Kim Hargreaves’ “Beau” for Mark (yes, finally all these years after you traded me my Magpie for Yorkshire Tweed). Bought “Riddari” because I’m so into the lopayesa now.

  • Driving home in the -3 weather yesterday from dropping my almost 15 year old off at the ferry to Connecticut, the discussion of “free range children” really resonated with me. This is my second experience with female adolescence (third if I count my own!) and I can see what a difference it has made in my 22 year old’s life that we let he do things on her own.

    I have never heard of Seth Godin before but will be doing some reading now! Thanks for introducing me!

  • Once upon a time over four years ago, I was knitting the mitered crosses blanket while listening to On Being, grooving hard on the squares, and moved to tears by the interview when, out of the blue, Rosanne mentioned you were teaching her to knit.
    The world felt so intimately small and beautifully expansive all at the same time.

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