What Are You Watching?

By Kay Gardiner
May 3, 2020

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  • I agree. Being outside is the best cure—walking, gardening, listening to the birds. I’ve finished my network TV favorites—Manifest, New Amsterdam. I surfed around Amazon Prime, glad HBO is free for the pandemic, experimenting with Tales from the Loop, and settling on the sixth season of Bosch. I recommend starting with season one because the character is the best part. On PBS, I like Endeavor, Hamish Macbeth and Midsomer Murders.

    • A woman after my own heart. If you like British crime dramas you should try Vera and No Offence.

      • Vera!

      • Lovejoy!

    • Vera for sure, Miss Fisher’s (Murder?) Mysteries, Hamish, absolutely. The Good Karma Hospital, and Agatha Raisin… Have watched all the Midsommer Murders twice. I could go on, but have to get back to the grocery bags I’m knitting…

      • If you want light, amusing, but not ridiculous, I’d recommend Eureka which is streaming on Amazon. My husband and I are doing a re- watch and find it just as enjoyable as when we watched it a few years ago.

        • Eureka is fun. We watched Some Like It Hot the other night and laughed our heads off. It is funny every time.!

      • Good Karma Hospital for sure!

    • Today I’m starting my Star Wars binge. May the 4th be with you.

      • I agree. Star Wars is a must! And May the 4th be with you as well:)

      • Us too. We just finished the Marvel films and are already up to Attack of the Clones.

      • My husband and I watched all of the George Gently series on Acorn – so good! Police detective procedural set in the 1960’s in northeast England, very well made, perfect for fans of Foyle’s War.

    • Prime Suspect. The Magicians. Briar patch. Shetland. Monty Don’s garden shows. Always Vera.

    • It would be a good time to watch the first episodes of Strike which were on the BBC. They are based on the Cormoran Strike books by Robert Galbraith aka JK Rowling. The new episodes were finished pre lock down in the UK so should be out later this year. Worth watching whilst waiting for Line of Duty.

    • Money Heist… A Spanish series. Lots of shows… robbery but with a mind game and great characters. Liked season 1 more than 2. No subtitles and the cast must not be dubbed as there are no pauses.

  • The weather is a bit pants here today so I am going to knit and binge watch Killing Eve – series three has just started here in the UK, so I need to catch up on what I haven’t seen so I can watch the new series with the family 🙂 Have a great Sunday everyone

    • Are you binge watching the whole series on Iplayer or spacing it out???

  • I love watching Call the Midwife on PBS. Their season started in March so new episodes are airing now! Sometimes the characters knit in the evening scenes.
    I also enjoy The Kitchen on food network.
    I have been knitting and going for walks when its dry enough to.

  • I have had precious little time to knit or watch tv .I am hoping when elearning is over ( in two weeks, but who is counting the days!) I will have more time to do the things I want to do. I will still have to keep my 8 year old granddaughter busy.
    YouTube has given me Arne and Carlos to watch and I love my Canadian sisters, The Grocery Girls.
    I also watch Call the Midwife, one of my PBS favorites!

    • I’m watching Taboo and Killing Eve BBCiplayer – brilliant. I have also been gardening a lot.

  • I just read that The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles (and I think Ferris, too) will be added to Netflix this week/next week. Movie marathon! I’ve also been continuing on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel journey we started last fall in Nashville. But the owls sound nice too!

  • I’m watching the film series of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries because our marginal broadcaster has just put up all the episodes from number 1

  • Your friend might enjoy Professor T. I watch it on PBS Passport. I think it is filmed in Belgum but the language sounds French. I just read the subtitles. He teaches crime and helps the police solve murders. He’s a quirky guy.

    • Yes! I loved Professor T! He was a gem and was worth looking away from my knitting to watch the series.

  • Any period piece…but especially Jane Austen. The Keira Knightly version of Pride and Prejudice is gorgeous both to look at and listen to. But my fave is Persuasion with Ciarnan Hinds (swoons). Definitely knit worthy.

  • Just finished the nine episodes of “Why Women Kill”, on CBS All Access. Very satisfying, got lots of oceans of stockinette done! Takes place in three different time periods, early 60’s, mid-80’s, and contemporary California. Contemporary life reflected in those eras, themes include spouse abuse, AIDS, and drug addiction. Sometimes poignant, sometimes hilarious. Loved it.

  • Kay, now wait, you’re all transcending TV and listening to owls?? You got me purchasing a subscription to Brit Box! –Since for years I’ve scoured the net for all those mysteries and period dramas the greatest fun I’ve had with BritBox is “Would I Lie To You?” -a silly panel quiz show that is all about the endearing panelists. YouTube has also discovered that I love broadway and old TV (because I’m old) and I’ve loved watching fabulous Broadway moments and related (there was a great documentary about how to be a New York Rockette).

    • I’m watching much more TV than is usual since I haven’t worked much the last 6weeks. Hubby and I have sailed through recent Bosch, Derry Girls, and currently watching The Crown (repeat for me). I’ve watched Modern Love and finished Jane the Virgin. Currently watching Little Fires Everywhere.

  • At first I binged The Great Pottery Throwdown (like The Great British Baking Show but with ceramics). Now I’m into documentaries. Just watched one on the Chinese Exclusion Act part of American Experience. Fascinating.

  • Princess Bride!

    • Oh yes! I am still prone, if the conversation lags, to come out with ‘Anybody want a peanut?’. My nieces and nephew (now all entering their 30s) can recite great swaths of the dialog. Thanks for the reminder, I’m going to watch this tonight!

      • My grandson (closing in on 3 years old) says “Have fun storming the castle!” whenever he means “goodbye.” Love it!

    • Named my BIG MAINE COON CAT: Fezzik

      • Two thumbs up on the name! I dearly miss my Maine Coon.

    • That’s what I was going to say. It’s the best for quoting! We also quote You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, and When Harry Met Sally….chick flicks, but fun.

  • If your listening to birds, you might like The Big Year on Amazon w Jack Black and Steve Martin. It’s about a competition where birdwatchers are racing around the world to see how any various species they can see in a year.

  • Re-watching Shetland … have always wondered what the locals think of the show … love the knitwear glimpses.

    • The Ann Cleeves Shetland books? Just finished the complete series of her Shetland books, loved them. Moving on to the Vera books.

  • I have to say that I never warmed to the Durrells…start, stop, start, stop. After exhausting all other series to knit by, I returned to the Durrells in Corfu. I stuck with it this time and was rewarded with genuine deep, belly laughs. Those seem few and far between these days so you can imagine my surprise. Now that I’m done, I really miss that quirky, amoral family. I might have watched Downton Abbey for the third time too.

    • We are watching the Durrell’s….it has stuck. Husband wants to watch them every eve.

    • I couldn’t abide the Durrells in Corfu, but maybe it improved over time. A great Brit movie is Finding your Feet!

    • I had the same experience! Couldn’t get into it then decided to binge and now I love it! Think ill binge it again!

  • Cooking shows because we’re all, you know, cooking. But the good ones are about so much more than technique and ingredients. David Chang’s Ugly Delicious and Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner are great. In one episode he and Kate McKinnon explore Cambodia. Just watching her is worth putting the knitting down. Also, Chef’s Table, which features one truly amazing life story in each episode. Armchair travel and inspiration at the same time.

    • I’ve watched Chef’s Table just the other day. Thought it was fabulous.

    • Really enjoyed watching all the episodes of Ugly Delicious; especially the ones where David had his mother on.

    • Killing Eve, Vera, Inspector Morse and Spiral (it’s a French series with English subtitles, makes knitting difficult but I’m managing!).

  • If Nicolas wants to come to our house, he’ll need to have seen Princess Bride, My Cousin Vinny, and Airplane!

    • “The two yutes” is a favorite quote around here. I think you also need to teach him about Lost in Space. Not a movie, but still a cult favorite as a kid.

  • I love all the Britbox mysteries. Eleven seasons of Taggart! Just watched Normal People on Hulu. Fascinating,sad and yet optimistic.

  • Very lowbrow compared to some of the other suggestions here…Tiger King was as weird and strange and gross as you might have heard but still an oddly fascinating look at a subset of society that most people know very little about. And very easy to keep up with while focusing on something like a complicated knitting pattern.

  • Thank you all for the suggestions – I have a section in my phone’s NOTES section & I have added new programs from you all.
    We re-watched Madam Secretary – so enjoyable!
    We are watching GLOW on Netflix which a close friend recommended to us. The start of it felt slow to us & because the suggestion came from Mary, we hung in with it. I’m glad we did as it’s an interesting piece & the actors are excellent.
    I re-watched Private Practice on Netflix. I’m a Shondra Rhimes fan & I had much needed “Calgon, take me away” moments from these shows. The actors are all excellent – something I think is true of all the shows from Ms. Rhimes. I knitted a lot as I watched it.
    Thank you, Kay, for your post & this topic.

  • OK, I’ve kept this a secret until recently. I adore K Dramas. K for Korean. My current favorite is Crash Landing on You which is available on Netflix. Most of them have subtitles so I cannot watch if I have to keep my eyes on my knitting and I look for shows that aren’t going to stress me out.

    • Yay! Another Asian drama fan. I have a huge list, but am deep into C/dramas like Ashes of Love, Eternal Love, Love Better Than Immortality…costume fantasies to take me away.

      • I first watched Boys Over Flowers, and loved it so much I immediately started the C Drama, Meteor Garden which is from the same Japanese manga, but fascinatingly different cultural norms. I was just googling What do I watch after crash landing on you, and thought I should come here to see if I had a response. Thanks! I’ll start with your suggestions!

  • If your godson is old enough, we found re-watching The West Wing to be a great teaching tool, because you can stop to explain what might be obscure to someone who didn’t have 3-equal-branches-checks-and-balances drummed into their heads in 6th grade. Plus it’s comforting, though now more than before it’s apparent how much of a fantasy it was that a president might care about doing it right, even then.

    • Outlander, Season 5 is almost over, it’s been a great escape to have it these last few weeks. This season is great, so if you didn’t like Season 4 I think it’s worth watching this one. (I’ve read all the books, listened to the audios)
      Also watching World on Fire on PBS, and just got the free trial of CBS All Access, in order to watch Star Trek Picard, intending to cancel when I’m done. Patrick Stewart is great. I can’t knit at all while watching TV, but I do love your suggestions.

    • I always felt West Wing was like a cruel prank on you Americans . There was a Republican president in real life and people were escaping to a fantasy liberal president. But great TV show!

      • I always called it a Liberal’s wet dream, LOL. But I loved it nonetheless! And yes, even further from reality than we were then–how naive we were.

        And it’s inconceivable that no one has said “Inconceivable!” yet! 🙂

  • Listening to Station Meditation on Amazon Music. Wonderful to calm the Soul!!!

  • Love all these suggestions and will add some new (old ) ones to my list of what to watch next. We usually start these days with something funny like Gavin and Stacy followed by intense Lewis, Vera, Midsomer and finish off with This Farming Life. But I’m going to rent I Know Where I’m Going for my favorite feel good movie. Thanks to your recommendation!!!

  • My focus has been off- but my sister recommended the YA- Never Have I Ever.

    It is wonderful. Just wonderful. Funny, dear, complicated, and well, it’s the best thing I have seen during this weirdness by far. I am 56 years old (for a couple of days more anyway), and I just loved this so much. It’s on Netflix.

  • My adult daughters and I are binge watching Sailor Moon. We own all 5 seasons, its silly and easy to knit to. We also keep returning to Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth; we’ve watched it so often that the dialog has become part of our family language.

  • currently binging on The Good Fight.

  • I just finished watching 2 seasons of After Life on Netflix with Ricky Gervais. I was in tears one minute and laughing out loud the next. Some crazy foul language, but when the characters are swearing with a British accent it doesn’t seem as bad. Loved it!

    • Just watched it and agree – it was fabulous. Also, Atypical is wonderful (on Netflix) – a high functioning 18 year old boy on the spectrum tries to make his way through high school. Wonderful writing and acting all around – a gem.

    • After Life, OMG After Life. I laughed, I cried, I cursed Ricky Gervais for making me cry. I binged the first season but I’m taking a little breather before the second. So much damn emotion.

  • All of Monty Python’s Flying Circus is on Netflix. And any of their movies should definitely be part of the young man’s repertoire.

  • Broadway Danny Rose (Woody Allen) never fails to entertain.

  • Ozark, Little Fires Everywhere, Bosch, Baptiste,

  • Wallace and Gromit, the original Fantasia and Fantasia 2000, and all the Miyazaki films are favorites in our house. For funny, totally agree on Princess Bride, but the recent Get Smart with Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway are awesome. And for myself, any movie with The Rock, I love Dwayne Johnson with a passion my husband thinks I should hide a little better.

  • Mr. Me was find of showing French au pairs “Better off Dead” for John Cusak with French exchange students. Really only worth it for the scene where his mother makes a meal so she’ll feel at home…”franche bread, franche fries, and franche dressing” honestly, maybe just YouTube that scene.
    I’m not watching much, either.
    Is it less compelling when there’s less other stuff to compete with? Less need to find a way to chill?

    • Nicolas should round out his cultural experience with My Cousin Vinny, The Fifth Element, Firefly, and Secondhand Lions.

  • Schitt’s Creek. I and my friends adore it! By season three you LOVE the characters if not sooner.

    • I second that!

  • I would vote for Raiders of the Lost Ark! Anytime it comes on I can’t pass it up

  • I see someone mentioned Schitt’s Creek. I agree! I’m writing from Canada, so don’t know the availability of the following, but they’re great CanCon 2 sitcoms: Corner Gas, Kim’s Convenience. And for a feel good movie (based on a true story, and don’t be put off by the tragic opening scene), The Grizzlies.

  • One of my joys in the last few months was introducing my 16-year old jazz musician son to Rapper’s Delight, which debuted when I was in High School! We giggled to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Ferris Bueller. Have also made sure he got all three Back to the Future movies, Ghostbusters and Men In Black in years past. I now realize I may have missed The Princess Bride, so I need to shore that up! My go-to for fun is always Meet the Parents – it’s even more amusing with multiple watchings imo!

  • I hope “Singing In the Rain” is one of the classics you’ll be serving up. Lots of other musicals come to mind, including real oldies with Astaire and Rogers. Not sure if this will appeal to your entire LI group, but “Enchanted April” is another favorite. As I’m pondering this, pre-digital animation comes to mind–“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” maybe the original “101 Dalmations,” “Fantasia.”
    OK, everyone, will also put “Princess Bride” on my list! Am enjoying Vera too, which is on Sat. nights here, but I’ve also been listening to the original books which are great. And I’ve found myself watching “Twin Peaks” for the first time. (Don’t want to rush into these things…)

  • Today I’m watching Gone With the Wind while knitting garter stitch strips for a blanket for my daughter and family. Last night I watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. You MUST WATCH “Nadiya – Time to Eat on Netflix. She’s a chef and does quick and easy recipes for the busy family. Just finished 2 brioche scarves (Nesting Wrap) and have 2 more to finish. Happy Sunday Everyone 🙂

  • Am I the only one that loves Luther?

    • I adore it.

    • So good!

  • Outlander!!!! 🙂
    Last night I felt the need for Nicholas Sparks romantic movies so I watched a few of those, of varying quality. 🙂

  • “Hart of Dixie” on Netflix

  • For Nico especially: Men in Tights, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean. For some reason murder mysteries have been very comforting right now. That and The Incredible Dr Pol.

  • A couple of old feel goods and fun “Breaking Away” and “Let It Ride”.

  • Republic of Doyle it has drinking fighting romance humor beautiful scenery & a delightful accent

    • The star is not bad to look at either!

  • Books on Audible. The Chosen (saw the movie with Robby Benson ages ago), Leah’s Journey (originally read it c.late 70s), The Knitting Circle (for obvious reasons). I am also watching a lot of Everybody Loves Raymond reruns. After all, laughter is the best medicine!

  • Some others for Nicolas’ education: The Lost Boys (Windex as aftershave), Animal House (double secret probation), Adventures in Babysitting (“Don’t f*** with the babysitter!”), Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (“Oh, computer….”), and Twister (“We got cows”).

    • Forrest Gump? Caddyshack? I watched parts of them just last night, late, knitting, my behind taking on the shape of my comfy chair, and my waking hours looking more like a teenager’s.

  • We speak in movie quotes at our house a lot. You have to be familiar with Better Off Dead , Ace Ventura Pet Detective , most of the Adam Sandler early movies like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore, True Lies, Jurassic Park, and most definitely Striking Distance because we are in Pittsburgh!!

  • I just watched The Book Club on Netflix. I laughed out loud a few times during this movie. It’s about friendship, aging, and romance/relationships/sex. Ha!

  • My choice has been Shetland. The music and scenery speak to my soul.

  • I am watching British shows on BritBox and Acorn and awaiting some new shows coming soon including Hercule Periot series 9-12 soon

  • my Big 4: Moonstruck, Dirty Dancing, My Cousin Vinny, and Babe!

    • These are some of my faves too! Especially Moonstruck…

    • “That’ll do, pig” has been a go-to response to just about everything in our house for years!

  • Okay here’s my sweet list:
    The Hollars. What a sweet bright movie.
    The Barkely Marathons …for a bit of what in the world are they crazy?
    Catching up on VEEp
    Tiger King ….but there’s no one likable in it
    Bulls Special : Last Dance
    The Woman Who Loved Giraffes…..a must see

  • Because of no baseball, I’m not watching tv at all. I’ve been taking my knitting outside and working to the sounds of the birds. No owls though!

    • Classic American: Bull Durham and A League of Their Own. Also, starting Monday, May 4, at 7:30 PM every weeknight, the Mets’ channel SNY will be showing the entire 1969 World Series – never (I think) been shown before.

  • So many English-language movies get quoted or visually referenced to the befuddlement of those who didn’t grow up on them:
    The Princess Bride. “Inconceivable.”
    2001: A Space Odyssey, for visual references, and “I’m sorry, Dave.”
    The Graduate. “Plastics.”
    E.T. “Phone home”

    The In-laws, the original one from 1979 with Alan Arkin, NOT the remake. We quote it a lot around here.

    The WIzard of Oz quotes are so much a part of our vernacular, and so confusing to anyone who has never heard of it, that in the unlikely event that he hasn’t seen it, he should.

    Also all the Coen Bros. movies, in particular The Big Lebowski. “Duuuude.” Raising Arizona. Oh Brother Where Art Thou. We are on a Coen Bros. binge b/c film student on premises.


    • Oh Brother Where Art Thou! I’ve been waiting for that suggestion! We quote it so often! Love Bull Durham too and My Cousin Vinny – you blend! Have fun watching!

  • Galaxy Quest! “Never give up! Never surrender!”

    • Agreed.

    • The very best

    • By grapthor’s hammer…what a savings!

  • You’ll laugh at this, but the best thing to knit to is SLOW TV! There is no plot and no dialogue to miss. Among many other trips, my husband and I have taken a train through a snow storm in Norway, traveled along the Adriatic Sea, and watched a knitting competition. Beware! They can be anywhere from 1 hour to 7 hours long.

  • Mostly I’m watching a very stubborn wren building a nest on top of our paper-recycling shelf on the screen porch, right by the door.

  • The Durrell’s on Amazon Prime. Originally aired PBS

  • Watching “The Land Girls”. Found it on Acorn TV. The review said “ good for fans of Call The Midwife”. Sweet stories. Easy to enjoy.

  • When I’m watching tv, it’s often either YouTube (Bon Appetit, woodworking stuff, or Crime Pays but Botany Doesn’t), watching Monty Don garden, or, like you said, familiar movies. We’ve recently latched onto a show called Vagrant Queen.

    • Read through all of these and several are good suggestions but I have been downloading audiobooks from the library and I’m catching up on my reading while I knit!

  • I’ve been watching a lot of Pluto TV. It’s free and has some classic movies. I’ve watched 007 movies, and some John Wayne movies I’ve never seen. The “African Queen” has been on several times. I’m also watching “Belgravia” on EPIX. It’s written by Julian Fellowes of “Downton Abbey” fame. I think some of the episodes are available on Prime Video. Set in the 1830’s – 25 years after Waterloo. I read the book, so I’m enjoying the series. I recommend it if you like period drama and a fabulous cast!

  • Just started The Night Manager. Olivia Coleman and Hugh Laurie. Addictive

    • And Tom Hiddleston isn’t bad either 😉

  • I can’t believe you left out the “Big Lebowski” and other Coen brothers movies. The French must shake their collective heads in disbelief when they watch them.

  • Way out of step, I am binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, 16 seasons on Netflix and still in production. I only caught an episode here and there previously so it is all new to me. I have days/weeks/months to go!

  • Call My Agent! There are three seasons of this French comedy + nailbiter on Netflix and a fourth coming…soon, we hope!

  • We have one more episode of Westworld tonight and season three is finished. The Brokenwood Mysteries was fabulous on Acorn (maybe BritBox – not sure.). I would happily watch every episode of Vera over again as I am just getting started on my Twining shawl. (The landscape will inspire my cables.)
    Happy Sunday from Memphis.

    • Bosch, (every season); Sex Education, Victoria, the Crown. All different, but great.

      • We binged the latest season of Sex Education in less than a week, it’s such a fantastic watch! For something fluffy and comforting, I’ve also been watching Virgin River.

    • The Brokenwood Mysteries is a New Zealand-produced and set series so probably wouldn’t be found on Britbox?

  • Prime Suspect. The Magicians. Briarpatch. Shetland. Father Brown. And always Vera.

  • Watching Kin’s Convenience on Netflix. Charming, funny, touching. Have been watching plays from London on NT Live and listening to concerts at Carnegie Hall, both on my iPad, YouTube, I think. Now enjoying the Online International Fiber Festival. I’ll take the BluPrint classes later, but enjoying the films of various countries. Very relaxing.

  • I have watched “Land Girls” via Acorn subscription. Love the knitted items I’m seeing in this series!! Would be fun to knit a few of those patterns!!! Thinking of things my parents and grandparents endured also gives me courage and hope.

  • For British crime dramas with a period flair, we just discovered Foyle’s War. Takes place during and just after WWll. Also love Father Brown!

    • Foyle’s War! Amazing show! Love it!

  • Just finished watching For All Mankind on Apple and watched Broadchurch–both were excellent.

  • Killing Eve. So good and so evil.

  • Pamela Adlon’s Better Things… the BEST show ever!! Strong female single mom raising three daughters. Also Offspring for a binge watch; set in Australia it’s a cross between Grey’s Anatomy and Nurse Jackie…sort of…it’s very very very good. And of course Succession.

  • Movies for young adults: The Last Picture Show, Risky Business, Election and, as others have mentioned, Princess Bride. Currently watching Ozark, Baptiste (& just put its prequels on my list), Where the Heart Is, Unorthodox. Loved Inspector Lewis so much, just started on Inspector Morse…. Love so many British shows. Highly recommend Detectorists. Thanks for steering us to that one Kay!

  • Spaceballs!!! (and Blazing Saddles) (because I have boys)

  • Doc Martin (Acorn) stars a brilliant doctor with zero bedside manner. Nobody sees the value of this diamond in the rough except the viewer, a loyal little stray dog, and the village schoolteacher. Funny and quirky. Set in beautiful Cornwall.

    • WE watch two episodes of Doc Martin every night. Subscribed to Acorn just to get the latest ones.

  • It’s got to be Miss Marple (any of the several different TV series) – purely for the many vintage knits, they’re just marvellous to look at.

  • Caddyshack!!!!

  • For people who grew up in France, I recommend The Princess Bride, and the Goonies. Possibly along with the more dark Stand by Me. For everybody now, (and someone has already said this) Netflix’s Never Have I Ever is so wonderful. Funny and smart and sometimes a little too true. We are also on a journey through Shitt’s Creek. The Parks & Rec special this week almost made me wish we hadn’t gone through those episodes recently enough to make a re-watch too soon.

    • Has anyone mentioned “The Good Fight” on CBS access, and on Netflix: “Unorthodox” and “Shtisel.”

  • I really wish I hadn’t already seen Friday Night Lights. I could fall in love with Timmy Riggins all over again!

  • The Killing, The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel, The Expanse. Plus usual suspects: Sherlock and Vera.

  • Watching Law & Order and Wycliffe a british police murder squad series

  • Not reading all the comments so there may be duplicates but here we go! In no particular order:

    A Face in the Crowd
    Bonny and Clyde
    My Cousin Vinny
    This Is Spinal Tap
    Young Frankenstein
    Steel Magnolias
    Pulp Fiction
    The Quiet Man
    Waking Ned Devine
    The Secret of Roan Inish
    Blazing Saddles
    White Christmas
    Top Hat
    All About Eve
    The Seven Year Itch
    Top Gun
    West Side Story
    Silence of the Lambs
    One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
    The Wizard of Oz
    Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    A Letter to Three Wives
    The Manchuria Candidate (the original)
    The Taking of Pelham 123 (also the original)
    Cinema Patadiso (subtitles—not dubbed)

    And when you’re finished with all of these watch The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. The entire movie is sung. In French. Young Catherine Deneuve. It is divine.

    DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WATCH The Shining. It’s hitting a little too close to home these days. I’m thinking of leaving glitter and streamers in the elevator just to upset the neighbors.

    • Time Bandits

  • I knitflix all the time these days and feel like I see EVERY series! But with a high need for comfort watching, I am currently rewatching (third time through for each one of them) The Good Place, Schitts Creek, The Santa Clarita Diet, and The Durrells of Corfu. I love them all for not punching down. Brooklyn 99 is another great sitcom. Lots of audiobooks: the Louise Penny series, The Durrells, again, in My Family and other Animals by Gerard Durrell and read by Hugh Bonneville (!), the Elena Ferrante series.

    While I hate how scary and hard it feels these days just to make a trip to the grocery store, boredom will not be a quarantine problem for me for a very long time.

  • OMG! Killing Eve and knitting, perfect combo.

    • Homicide Life on the street—Andre Braugher at his best
      The English game
      The IndianDoctor
      Baptiste and the Missing

  • Watching programs with good humans trying to sort out the human condition…
    Anne With an E, The West Wing, Call the Midwife, Salt Fat Acid Heat, Cooked.
    Anything where people are being kind and tolerant and reasonable is very comforting just now.

  • Loved Land Girls as well. Think I mentioned Last Tango in Halifax and Broadchurch if they come back on Netflix before the end of the Pandemic. Westerns for Nicolas. (Blazing Saddles?) Holiday with Diaz/Winslet-viewed multiple times.with my daughter. West Side Story. The Sharks and the Jets for Nicolas. In a pinch, Everybody Loves Raymond for everybody. I think it’s on every night and almost always very funny.

  • One that I don’t think anyone has mentioned is Offspring (Australian) on Netflix. There’s a lot to watch as it is 6 or 7 season long. It’s about a 30 something hospital obstetrician and her crazy extended family. Some of the situations are entirely stupid, others are more serious, but all are handled well. My husband and I were disappointed when we had seen it through to the end. HIGHLY recommended. Lots of Scandinavian crime shows to recommend but you have to closely watch the subtitles so not good for knitting 🙂

  • We’ve been doing the same thing — watching old movies with our teenage boys that we think they need to see. So far we’ve watched Stand By Me, Indiana Jones, and Point Break (their request). On the list to be watched is Top Gun and Shawshank Redemption. Can’t wait to hear what else you add to your list!

  • Rewatched Almost Famous this weekend. I’d forgotten how great it it is. Frances McDormand is wonderful!

    • We finished watching Longmire last week–missing it greatly now!
      Almost done with the 1st season of ‘Alone’, from the History channel. Really makes us grateful for what we have, in spite of the stay at home orders.

  • I have to add one of my all-time favorite movies; The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming!
    Starting a young Alan Arkin, it’s a hilarious comedy that stands the test of time.
    Wings of Desire is also a fave to rewatch, about an angel in Germany who watches over people, with a cameo by Peter Falk.

    • Yes, The Russians Are Coming is our family favorite, too, and full of wonderfully quotable lines.

  • Princess Bride

  • I would not be a good relative if I didn’t insist on y’all watching one of my favorite ‘Southern’ movies, Steel Magnolias! So many good lines in that movie. “Ouiser, you know I love you more than my luggage”

  • I can’t believe no one has mentioned Orphan Black…if you like Killing Eve, it has the same whimsical ridiculousness mixed with the darkness. The lead is amazing.
    iZombie is also fun.
    Rita – inappropriate teacher sex makes me chuckle – guess what my job is? (but again with the subtitles).
    Family recently watched Babe again, love it – you cannot beat singing mice.
    Also v. English, but the Julia Donaldson adaptations are lovely (depending on age of boy) such as The Gruffalo.
    Murder in Paradise is very non-challenging when the world hurts.
    Recently watched ‘Ladies in Black’, just a lovely story, both aussie hubby and I went to bed elated with the positivity of it all.
    Can you get The Sewing Bee in the US? Love it.
    From Netflix to Prime, Mrs Maisel is awesome, am also re-watching Grey’s Anatomy and Supernatural. The Good Fight and The Good Wife are both fun.
    Really enjoyed films ‘A simple Favour’ and ‘Mr Right’, Pitch Perfect is always good. Also Little Miss Sunshine, Strictly Ballroom, Muriel’s Wedding.
    If you can find it and bear the subtitles “La Reine Margot” is awesome, lavish, lush, dark, possibly my favourite film of all time: “C’est du sang. Quel importance?” Don’t watch it with a child, though!

  • OUTLANDER. Men in kilts, Scotland, strong female lead. Enough said.

  • My Cousin Vinny is a movie I could watch over and over.

  • UNFORGOTTEN on Amazon Prime. Aired on PBS 2-3 yrs ago. The fabulous Nicola Walker (MI-5, Last Tango in Halifax) & Sanjeev Bhaskar are the lead detectives investigating decades-old cases w/fascinating storylines. 3 Seasons/18 Epis. HAPPY VALLEY (2 Seas) with Sarah Lancashire. Anything written by Sally Wainwright…And last entry, WAIT UNTIL DARK (1967) Alan Arkin & Audrey Hepburn breath-holding mystery

  • Toy Story – all 4 of them!

  • Hollywood on Netflix, a reimagining of the silver screen, packed with redemption and gasp wothy acts of grace. Epic and inspirational. Also a gut check on the bs we’ve allowed and tolerated.

  • World’s Most Extraordinary Homes on Netflix. Traveling around the globe and looking at rich peoples’ houses that are actually designed by real, honest-to-goodness architects. No Barbie houses, nor pastiche manor houses nor starter castles nor faux chateaux. Great fun!