The Gospel According to André

By Ann Shayne
January 20, 2019

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  • Looks great! Thank you for sharing.

  • Love him and look forward to learning more about him.

  • I added this to my overflowing need to watch book just recently! Thank you for including where to watch it links, My library’s interlibrary loan dept thanks you, too. Do you ever think we just have too many places to check when searching for something? I didn’t check Amazon Prime. Duh.

    • I know! Never occurred to me to check Amazon either! Thanks for making me feel better about that!

  • Just paid to watch the piece on André. It was wonderful. Such soul and honesty on several subjects.

    Thank you for this most enjoyable and eye opening suggestion for my Sunday morning.

  • I’m also looking forward to watching this later today. My DH says it’s also available for free on Hulu.
    Thanks for another great recommendation.

  • Terry Gross of Fresh Air on NPR did a great interview with him as well. It was either because of the doc or a book. Or both? Truly an amazing life story. And because it’s about fashion (& his amazing voice) a doc is def the way to learn this story. I can’t wait!

    Among other things, the twists and contortions of my life has led me to believe that success (ie happiness/ attaining whatever kind of goal one desires) has much more to do with moral support than is commonly assumed. Of course connections and financial support never hurts, but …… like knitting a gorgeous sweater – artisan yarn & a perfect pattern is amazing but Rav shows talent, great color sense and knowing how to make mods is really what matters. I, OTH, need at least a great pattern & ideally the artisan yarn. Alas. Or perhaps I just need to conquer my
    sweater-phobia, a relatively recent yet formidable deterrent. Hoping BOAS will help!

    Thanks so much for all the doc links, literally 2 days ago I was wondering how to find a specific documentary. I should have known to ask MDK you know everything! Of course now can’t recall the doc I so desparetly wanted to see TWO days ago!

  • Oh Thank you! I think he’s amazing and I no idea there was a documentary!

  • Folks may also be interested in this article, published last May, about Andre Leon Talley & what he’s been doing post-Vogue.

  • Thanks-I watched this after I finished binge watching Season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which I highly recommend. He’s an amazing man. I used to enjoy his Vogue column very much.

    • I binged the entire first season of Marvellous Mrs M during a Singapore to Tokyo plane ride last year, SO good!

  • You are missing the iconic Unzipped, featuring Issac Mizrahi (with a small appearance by ALT), which answers the question “how do you survive a bad review?” It is thoughtful, charming and bubbly and has been out long enough I own it on VHS.

  • Wow … intriguing trio. And thanks for the heads up about the documentary. Hard to go wrong with a personality like Talley!