By Ann Shayne
July 7, 2019

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  • My story is similar except my dad isn’t watching!! After bingeing on the first two seasons on Netflix i checked my local library and they had all four seasons.☺i reserved three and four and am happily working my way through three now as i knit. A perfect accompaniment!

  • The series on audiobooks is great for knitting. You can binge on all 8 main novels and seek out all of the extra books that tie into the series. No need to wait for the TV production to catch up!

    • Uh-oh! You said the A-word 🙂 I wonder how many hours I may be about to commit to listening pleasure!

    • I discovered the Outlander series on Audible before the TV series was made and they are one of my favourite listens! I revisit them quite often. Wonderful to knit to. Ironically, I wasn’t a knitter when I first listened to them but the knitwear in the first TV season inspired me to start knitting. I have (too many!) so many Claire-inspired shawls queued in my Ravelry account- time to knit one.

  • I just have become a fan (I’m always late to the party). I love the series and having it on Netflix gives me something to binge. Also, as a knitter, I’m always looking at everything Claire is weaing.

    • It has been on amazon prime for some time! After having read the first two books when they came out, that made me read all the rest after watching 1-3 on Prime… waiting for Book number 9, reading Lord John in the meantime!

      • Amazon Prime in the U.S.? And, don’t you have to pay to watch it on Amazon Prime?

        • Valerie, you do have to pay if you’re not already a prime member. And even then somethings require additional purchase. I haven’t checked on this one yet, but my husband dropped some dough for the first three seasons of Spongebob Squarepants (which are brilliant by the way).

    • Me to I love Clair costumes . Fascinating . Love her knitted shawls tucked in her belt . They must have needed layer upon layer to keep warm on Scot land . Then the ball dresses just gorgeous eh

  • I was reading it, when there were only one … and I had to write down the name of the writer, so I could remember it, when it came out… and since I left UK again (live in Denmark) , I never got to read the second one..but not I get it on netflix…sooo I am happy too..

  • For anyone who isn’t aware, there are several pattern sites for “Outlander garments,” devised by eager fans. Google and check Facebook for ideas! My favorites are Claire’s mitts.

  • Outlander in all its forms, books, cable series, audio books, is the best!

  • Outlander does not shy away from male nudity – about time, in my opinion! It’s only fair.

  • I love Outlander the books and the the show. I can’t wait to read the ninth book!

  • Dear Ann, I also read them way back in the 90s, when waiting for the next book seemed an eternity. Skip forward 30 years, my daughter mentioned she was going to read the first book because she “heard” it was a good series. I just laughed and agreed that she had heard correctly. Told her to check my bookshelf, because I had never parted with my books. One day I’ll watch the series, but now I’m rereading the books as they return from her house. Still such a good read 🙂

  • I’ve read the books (more than once) and then discovered the audiobooks! I’ve also binged the series. Haven’t knit a Clare shawl or capelet, though.

  • I’m wondering, do most men enjoy the Outlander shows? It sounds like Ann’s dad might. My husband and I watch TV together in the evenings and I would like to watch it with him, and knit.

    • My husband is a big fan of the show. It would take him years to read the books!

    • Hubby and I watch TV in the evening also. Yes he liked the series.

  • One of my favorites! Also late to the party, I caught up binge watching with my Starz subscription. I enjoyed the producer ‘after the episode’ discussions very much too, about how they’d adapted the story in that episode and the filming locations, too. Such fun! And, knitting!

  • I read them back in the 90s, too. Now my husband’s binging it. I’m more a reader than viewer. Now that audio books have made knitting and books compatible, I can combine two favorite pastimes.

  • Omg! I am obsessed! I have binged the 4 seasons twice and will probably do so again soon. And the books! Just the best

  • I love these books! I am more of a reader than a watcher. I actually sold my set when we were downsizing but missed seeing them on the shelf, so re-purchased them all when we got settled. Never done that before! I checked out the tv series and have watched a few but like the books better. I have seen at least one knitting book with patterns taken from the tv series, and some are beautiful. Love Claire’s mitts.

  • I’m knitting a Clare “Rent” shawl for a friend, so I decided I better start watching! I get lots of Netflix time while nursing my baby.

  • Wow – that is good news! I’ve been waiting for Netflix to get Outlander! Thanks!

  • My daughter has been wildly enthusiastic about this show and keeps asking me if I have started watching it yet!

  • I’ve knit two “rent” shawls and numerous huge (not historically accurate) cowls for friends (on horrible size 50 needles, thankfully it took less than an hour). The second season has amazing costumes. The leads have chemistry. The books badly need an editor. (people hate when I say this, but I have read some of them.)
    But the wedding episode — told from the female gaze – go and read Maureen Ryan’s (the tv critic) piece about it, it is really good and discusses the impact of the show’s direction. Link: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/outlander-wedding_n_5896284

  • As a writer, I’ve followed Diana Gabaldon since meeting her in Durham, NC at a book signing. Her advice to me (which she wrote in my copy of Outlander) was “Read, write, don’t stop!” We emailed a few times afterward. All before the books were made into film. I think to know even a bit of the author is to know why the series is a huge success. She’s passionate, well-spoken, and extremely beautiful. She floats into a room, and commands the audience with the rise and fall of her voice. But more than anything she’s a literary genius. What I love about her is she breaks all the rules. Outlander, it’s characters, the $ it has generated … It’s all nothing without the audacity and intelligence of Diana Gabaldon.

    • I met her at the Tucson Book Festival in 2016 and found her to be exactly the same. She was on a panel of three authors to speak about bringing their book(s) to film. An amazing individual.

  • I found Outlander in 1995 at our local Walden bookstore. At the time I was dealing with a thyroid issue that meant I only slept for a couple of hrs at a time so the size of the book was a bonus. I fell down that rabbit hole and never wanted to return.

  • I’ve also been reading the books since the first one…my friend lent me her copy, and starting after lunch could not put it down until finishing at 5 am next morning. It’s been so hard waiting for each volume as Diana Gabaldon writes them ! But so glad she didn’t stop as originally planned. I reread whole set every year to two, and visit the author’s website now and then, to read excerpts of latest.

  • I read the books after receiving one of the early ones for Christmas in 1989 or 1990. I went back to the beginning and then read them as they came off the press. Each volume was about 2 years apart. When the TV series was announced, I purchased them on Audible and listened again. I will probably listen again. One person, on this site, said that she needs an editor. I think that this is because she just writes each book without a plan and they meander a bit, delightfully. I have turned others onto the series and they watch the TV series with their husbands. Sam Heughan is so perfect as Jamie. They all had to have a Gaellic coach. The only one who is fluent in Gaellic is Claire. She is actually Irish and learned it in school. She doesn’t use it in the TV series.

  • I’m relatively new to the books, but read each book before watching the corresponding season. Without the patience to wait for Netflix, we get each season on DVD as soon as it comes out, and Season 4 is waiting for me to watch, with book 5 queued up for reading next!

  • OMG, me too, Ann, me too. I have loved those books forever, and I was introduced to them by a rather curmudgeonly choir director in his 50s, so their appeal is clearly pretty wide! We built a great friendship based on our shared love of books. Enjoy the series!

  • Netflix has seasons three and four on dvd, season 4 is headed my way. I like the audio books best- love to hear the accents and pronunciations. The narrator/reader is great! And yes, an editor is needed.

    The Lord John books are the best- 18th century mystery, romance, adventure, and also a good narrator.

    • The only problem with the audio books is that the ‘reader’ pronounces gaillic incorrectly. It should be g-aah-lic and not g-ay-lic. Annoying.

  • Ann, you are the only person I know who has read the books and then watched the series. I would love to hear your thoughts about how the two formats compare! I watched the first series – and maybe the second, I don’t remember it’s been so long now – and it was so richly visual I had to wonder if the books were written that way. Do you find either format stronger or weaker? Compare and contrast? 🙂

    • And now I’ve read all the earlier comments and realize LOTS of people have read and then watched 🙂 I’ll come back and read the whole string in a day or two!

      • I have read all the books and love them. I have seen the series and it’s also great, but in a different way. The stories have to be condensed to fit the format, so some characters are lost or combined. The spirit of the story is there, but the books are so much richer in images. The show brings the books to life though, and I think the casting was just perfect.

  • Ann you may come to my house & watch Outlander anytime! All the seasons!

  • Okay, this was not on my series to watch. But after the first season, I was hooked!!! I watched first 2 seasons on Netflix, then found the next 3,4 season on Starz!!! I was in my recliner until the end of the season 4. I can’t wait to watch season 5, exciting and sizzling series for sure!!!!

  • It was 5 years ago and I had just finished the game of thrones series for the first time and going through book withdrawal so I asked about a book series that is good and someone in the game of thrones group suggested Outlander I saw the wedding episode and didn’t put two and two together but thought Sam was yummy and delicious and perfection anyway I started to read it and fell in love with the series first then the Starz series I married book Jamie and fell in love with the Outlander series When I look and think about the Jamie and Claire love story I almost see my own love story I guess that explains why I’m so in love with the love story That it is it’s a blueprint for me in my 16 year marriage to my husband/Jamie It’s just a inspiration for me that I can have this in my marriage and have it I have to believe in this love story otherwise what is the point in all this If it’s just some book for me to read why read the books I love this series and the Jamie and Claire love storyBefore I met my husband at 23 I depend on love stories like Jamie and Claire to give me hope that I would find a love like theirs so I would never give up on my dreams and I had always been hungry and needed this love like human need oxygen and water to live I didn’t know love until I met my husband and gave birth to my daughter So seeing as I have that rare love true Jamie and Claire type love I wouldn’t be where I am without believe in those love stories I’d be emotional dead living a miserable existence So my faith in Jesus and believe in in these love story and it’ll one day happen for me is how I got as far as I have in life but just because I have this love as rare as it is with my husband/Jamie I still need these love stories like Jamie and Claire to survive and be happy it’s like my oxygen Incomplete miserable depressed and lonely not to mention God forbid suicidal with nothing to live for or believe in I’m very happy with being in my Outlander addiction it’s in my blood stream there is no cure in sight and I am not looking for one there’s no hope for me rehab is too expensive my insurance won’t cover it and there’s no beds available Outlander gives my life joy and happiness and keeps me sane I know TMI but this is how I found and fell in love with the Outlander series so now I reread the Outlander series once a year every year and binge watch Outlander twice a year June for my birthday and Christmas So I have a deeper reason why I love Outlander that almost no one will never understand it brought me out of my shell and helped me find myself They call it obsession I just feel it’s more than just a book or something to watch when I am bored to me it makes me happy and keeps me sane And the love story has more importance for me If it weren’t for my belief in love stories I would have killed myself a long time ago And yes I know they are not real I just believe in the love story it gives me hope and is a blueprint for how a true marriage should be like

  • Love Outlander! I just started watching the series while I knit and I’m having the best time!

  • I have the same story! We just got back from Scotland (where the Scots raved about how well done the series is) and my husband said “should we watch?” HOOKED NOW. And it’s been a while since I read the books so I don’t even remember all the details. The real problem is what to do when I’m done with Season 2 since the other two aren’t available yet! (Also have you seen all the patterns on Ravelry???)

  • I read the first book but haven’t seen the series. Is no one else bothered that the protagonist falls for a guy who rapes her?

    • Jamie never rapes Claire. Not sure why you would think so.

  • It is *good*. I think you will love it!

  • First read Outlander, when my mother a librarian, returned from a book fair. Back in 91 ..or 92, with a novel for me that” wasn’t a bunch of tripe” obviously, she didn’t read the entire book as their were some very descriptive pages, in the wedding night. Later she asked me what I thought, I said it was long, but it drew you in and had a hard time putting down. I have yet to watch the series, not a big TV person, love going to theatre, and movies, but from reading everyone’s comments I may have to digress. In a trip to Scotland several curio shops had large life size cutout of a men in a kilt, I found out this was Jamie, am curious what Claire will be like, have always imagined a tall willow figure, with Brown hair with a pensive look. Is troublesome having a peek of Jamie but none of Claire, and also Dougal, fat hairy man that he is. I have same opinion of him as I do Frank, sleaze womanizer. At least in the book. Guess I will just break down and watch. Praying I won’t be disappointed. Liked Dragonfly in Amber best.

  • I watched some nut it is too nasty. They have a good story but do they have to show full on sex. Call me old fashioned but it makes me uncomfortable.

    • Hi Nancy, I read all the comments hoping to find someone who felt like me. Thank you for saying it! I’ve never been comfortable watching porn. But that’s just me!

  • Oh good grief please go and read “The Flight of the Heron “ by DK Broster……..much the better and more realistic story.I might be biased my name came from the book as my Mum was reading it when I was born.

  • I read the first book and made it through to the end with a great effort of will. I haven’t really enjoyed romance novels since reading Georgette Heyer in jr. high. Claire seems to follow a type found often of a woman who is supposed to be strong, but is actually stubborn and bullheaded. Claire goes back to a century she knows nothing about, consistently ignoring advice given to her by the people actually living in that century and so consistenly getting herself and the people around her into deadly trouble. This does not seem strong to me; it seems petulant.