Lazy Sunday: Seth Meyers

By Ann Shayne
December 8, 2019

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  • My grandmother was an excellent knitter, but @ age 66 the “thing” I treasure most is my Christmas stocking. When my son was born on October12,1987, on Christmas Eve, a package came for my infant son and it was a Christmas stocking. She passed only a few months later and my big, grown son treasures that stocking. He knows that it was made from LOVE

  • We watched Lobby Baby last Friday night and found it hilarious. When the grown children came for dinner on Sunday we suggested watching it together. It was just as funny the second time! A big hit with all of us!

  • LOVE Seth Myers! Day drinking with him is on my bucket list. If only.

  • Oh yes, this was good! I love him, so smart and quick.