Lazy Sunday: Press

By Kay Gardiner
November 17, 2019

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  • Loved Press and watched the whole season when it arrived on passport. I to have railed against comfy sweater = tedious woman. Keep the recommendation coming please, lots of knitting to do.

  • I watched this a couple of weeks ago when I needed a show to watch while my husband was out of town (making the shows we were watching together feel slightly like cheating). Loved it! Off to shower and put on my baggy sweater for the day.

  • Don’t hate me. I greatly disliked it. I watched the first episode and was ready for it to be good. Alas, it wasn’t.

    • No hate, gosh! For me it was the opposite: from the trailers I was ready not to like it, and then i did. Certainly not the best thing they’ve ever done, and I wouldn’t say it was the most subtle or realistic writing, but I like how the Masterpiece Contemporary folks strive toward something new.

    • I was ready to give up on it after two episodes but went for a third. It got much better and the story had me hooked after that.

  • I just started watching this on PBS Passport; somehow I missed it on my local station. And The Crown starts today!

  • I just finished watching Press too. I thoroughly enjoyed the series and it wasn’t just for Ben Chaplin’s deep brown eyes. Honest.

  • I’m not sure this has been on my PBS station yet, but I’ll look for it on Passport.

  • I sort of fell into Press. I think that on my local PBS station that they piggybacked it on to Poldark. I was only mildly interested at first, but quickly became engrossed. I loved the story (I think that it summed up nicely what’s happening in print journalism today) and characters!