Phantom Thread

By Ann Shayne
May 24, 2020

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  • IMO his best films are either “my left foot” or “in the name of the father” they’re both incredibly moving and his performance leaves you emotionally devastated. I will have a look for this film to watch with my daughter who will soon be going to college to study textiles and fashion.

    • Your daughter might change her mind after watching this! I admit that I do not have a sufficiently subtle mind to really enjoy this, though I certainly agree that the acting is amazing. Kept thinking about the fact that Day-Lewis is said to inhabit his characters 24/7 while making a movie–this one must have been tough for his family!

  • I will have to have A look at this one!

  • A friend had recommended this movie to me because I sew. Too funny! As if sewing had anything to do with the film! But the couture! But Daniel Day-Lewis, the decor, the slowness, the subtlety… thank you for reminding me of watching it again!

  • An interesting and haunting performance and tale. Highly recommended.

  • Ann, DDL is smoking hot in Last of the Mohicans. A different side of him that I enjoyed. ; ) Good soundtrack too.

    • Agree!

    • Completely accurate.

  • Aeropress makes the BEST coffee and so low tech. I agree with Laura J re: Last Of the Mohicans! (“Stay alive! I will find you!” swoon)