Lazy Sunday: Nadiya Bakes

By Kay Gardiner
February 28, 2021

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  • Yaaaaaaay. Let’s just bake and bake and bake.
    Oh my goodness! I am so baking a King Arthur’s Flour cake today as vanillaly as possible!!!!!

  • WOW!! I’m making these today!

  • Ya gotta love her…”Let’s bake eat and be happy!” Thanks so much for this!

  • Thanks for the recommendation! I just watched the first episode and it already my newest obsession!

  • Perfect timing! Last evening I just watched the end of Season 3 where Nadia won and I went to sleep wishing I could see more of her.

  • Wow ! gonna try it for sure

  • Love her zippy wardrobe,too, Did you see the cheerful knit sweater in the Onion Pretzels episode!

  • She has some other shows on netflix, too, if you search on her name. This book (in American measurements) is being released this summer, but the same book is available on right now with metrics. She also has several other books. I liked her sassy attitude from the time on her GBBO season when she was working away and Paul Hollywood came lounging up behind her and said “Happy, Nadiya?” She looked at him and said “Why, yes! Happy Paul?” I about fell over laughing.

    • Watching Nadiya’s evolution from terrifically shy and uncertain in the early episodes to the colorful, wonderful person she has become has been a joy. I follow her on IG and she does have another Netflix show which is Time to Cook in which she shows a particular family a good meal hack and has a segment that follows an ingredient from ‘field to table’ as it were. Fabulous.

      • Ditto. Seeing Nadiya come out of her shell on GBBO was one of the best treats ever on the show. I was thrilled when she won, but didn’t realize she had this amazing and wide-reaching afterlife. My London daughter says she’d even seen her on a variety show there. And those brownies! OMG.

      • I LOVE Nadiya’s time to cook!

  • Hmm, did I just not see it, is there a PDF to download anywhere?

  • Spent my Sunday bingeing on Nadiya!!!