Mrs. Wilson

By Kay Gardiner
April 7, 2019
While Mrs. Wilson untangles the past, wind a few skeins of exquisite hand-dyed yarn and get knitting.

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  • I watched the first episode, too, and the show has hooked me.

  • Haha! Kay you’re not the only one slow on the uptake. I, too, immediately noticed the same Wilson name as well as the ‘based on true events’ screen and only thought it was a funny coincidence. This one is riveting!

  • Our PBS aired episodes one and two together last week. Episode three airs tonight. All three episodes are streaming online with Passport now.

  • We’ve been watching the series as well. It is riveting.

  • Good news! One doesn’t need Passport to catch up with Mrs. Wilson. Masterpiece is replaying ep. 1 & 2 today before ep. 3 finale (through 4.14).

  • Loved the first show and plot. At the end of the first show, I was confused..was there a third wife or did I misunderstand? I guess I will find out tonight.

  • Duh…me too. Didn’t make the Wilson connection, didn’t even pick up on it’s being based on a true story.

  • Your writing is fresh and very delightful. Are you and English major-turned-knitting entrepreneur ?

  • Love, love, love it! Didn’t know Ruth Wilson is the granddaughter. I learn so much from y’all.

  • Love the show. My PBS station aired episodes one and two last week, so we’re watching episode three tonight.
    Also had to read N Y Times article to realize lead actress was related….

  • Loved Mrs. Wilson! Ruth Wilson and Keeley Hawes are two of my favorites.

  • I missed the real Wilson connection too! Also Ruth Wilson was in The Affair, a series that does new things with character perspective. Everyone is the unreliable narrator, makingvthe first few seasons amazing.

    Also re PBS, it’s usually available online for free to
    Everyone for two weeks after airing, in case you miss the appointment.

  • This is an amazing story. Well told. Well acted. Captivating!!

  • I wasn’t sure this would hold my attention.
    Boy was I wrong! It is riveting!

  • I lived the first 2 hours.. I was glued to my TV while crocheting a scarf. Got my project lined up to watch tonight.

  • I agree that this is SO fascinating! Last week I was out of the habit of checking my “local,” OPB, due to the Spring Pledge Drive that seemed to last the whole month of March. So I only flipped to Mrs. Wilson partway in. I found it so compelling that I immediately abandoned whatever else I was half-heartedly watching. Luckily I came across the repeat last night and so was able to fill in the blanks. I am eagerly looking forward to the conclusion tonight. (My station programmed it oddly: Part1and2 and then Part 3.)

    • Oh, and I recognized Ruth Wilson as the TV 2006 Jane Eyre!

  • I wasn’t sure I would like it, but thought I’d watch for a bit and was quickly hooked! What a good show! The extra video about it being a true story was neat.

  • Sounds great. For you Brit drama fans, I’d also recommend Traitors on Netflix. It’s syarts just as WWII ends and shows the birth of the Cold War. Keeley Hawes is in it and is excellent. I’m halfway through and haven’t a clue who is double crossing who, which is awesome.

  • the show has me hooked, too
    and based on a true story

  • I love this show so much!! I had the same thought about the Wilson surname – what a coincidence! Duh.

  • My PBS showed the first two episodes last Sunday and the last one last night. It’s very good! And I had already read somewhere that it was based on Ruth Wilson’s own family history.

  • I found it to be so abstract and long that I didn’t care for it. It was interesting in the point that it was a true story. I also found it to be incredibly sad. I cannot imagine being married to a man whose whole life was a piece of fiction. I was glad that found solace.

  • Hubbie and I watched this recently. Such a great show which leaves you wondering! Fantastic writing.

  • Thank you Kay for telling us about Mrs. Wilson. I was about to pass on it until reading your post – an interesting mystery about someone who seems to have been truly a cad, and the charm to make it work.

  • I have just finished episode one, and keep expecting Ruth Wilson to do something weird and evil.

  • Watching the first episode, I thought Ruth Wilson looked familiar. Then I realized it’s because I just saw her as Cordelia and the Fool in King Lear in NYC. Her Fool was one of the high points of the production for me, really outstanding, second only to Glenda Jackson, of course.

  • I’m finally going though my emails and came along this one. “Mrs. Wilson” was such a great show. And having the granddaughter play her own grandmother was genius! And a surprise when I read that. Hubby and I watch more British, Canadian, and Australian shows that American!! Love ’em!