Knit to Us

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
March 22, 2020

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  • I signed in as a member but I couldn’t get the video

    • Trying using an incognito window and sign in as a nonmember.

  • This was great! I binge watched yesterday while knitting. It took my mind off of the news and it felt like I had company over. I haven’t knitting for about two weeks – I haven’t been able to focus on it but this got me back.

  • I signed in, too and couldn’t get video.

    • Hi Ellen,
      Try my tip above and see if that works.

      • Thank you! It is very nice to see and hear you two beautiful ladies that I have been reading and knitting with since Way back when!!!!!

  • I watched on Friday and loved every segment. I did enjoy hearing your voices. It made me feel as though I was knitting with friends. Funny thing is I ordered the Freia mini skeins earlier in the week. I am good to go while sheltering in place. Be well.

  • I was up early this morning and just finished watching all of the Myth video. Thank you so much.

    • I meant videos. They were all great!

  • I watched your videos yesterday and what a great distraction it was for me! I needed a break from going thru my husband’s belongings, deciding what to donate & what to pack up. And it was lovely hearing your voices as I adjust to being alone for the first time in 37+ years. Thank you Knit Stars & Thank you Kay and Ann

    • So sorry to hear of you loss. Be gentle with yourself.

      • Thank you so much Nicole<3

  • Thank you very much for sharing this with all of us in this COVID-19 nightmare. After watching Meet the Press I needed an escape and this is it. Stay well!

  • You guys are wonderful and so fun. Thank you for this excellent gift.

  • Watching now but paused to take notes of patterns I want to make. When can I find a pattern for the Whidbey sweater in rowan denim? Would love to knit that!

    • Whitby is in the book Indigo Knits by Jane and Patrick Gottelier. It’s out of print but widely available from used booksellers last time I checked. Happy hunting!

  • I’ve got a couple of the Knit Stars seasons, and I love Ann & Kay’s segment.

    Also, can I just say how excited I am you all are carrying Urth Uneek striping sock yarn???? I used this for a pair during the Wanderlust KAL and just loved the results.

    Now, I am a *little* salty that it arrived right after I ordered some Raiz & Caravan…Clearly all part of your nefarious plan to get me to order more yarn!!

  • Thank you so much for this! Stay healthy ❤️

  • Just rewatched and again, it is delightful. Wanted to say that I am also a log cabin fanatic. This is what I teach all newbie knitters. Not only is it much more satisfying then a garter scarf. The knitter is also learning a couple of other things along the way. Great fun and always wonderful to return to.

  • Any chance getting an information article on crocheting? 2nd request. Ron

  • Have read both books, read the blog, too, but seeing and hearing is wonderful. Great job!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you Ann & Kay! Like most of America, I am beginning to develop cabin fever but am now knee deep in your fabulous knit stars class. Please know what an amazing (and much needed) treat this is!

  • Thank you, and thanks to Knit Stars for this bit of tv knitting. It’s wayyyyy better than Calgon bathtime, as I can knit while taken away.

  • In the second episode of Knit Stars you show an orange towel – is there a pattern for this – would love to try linen for the first time. So enjoying listening to you both. Met you in Oct. 2019 at Rhinebeck. Thanks so much

  • This brought me so much joy and a new list of things I want to make. Are you both throwers? I do both. My throwing looks the best but the picking seems faster.

  • I so enjoyed knitting with you yesterday! Thank you and the folks at Knit Stars for making the video available…and yes, it was wonderful hearing your voices!

  • Thank you so much for sharing these videos. It was like meeting you in person and much fun to watch and hear you talk about your (and my/our) passion.

  • How fun was that? Thank you for sharing!

  • Great video. I really enjoyed watching it and you are both so informative and positive. You are an inspiration to the knitting community. Thanks a million.

  • Thank you so much! I binge watched the whole class this afternoon while working on my favorite, impractical, project. It has been the redeeming feature of a day full of anxiety and a houseful of irritation. Your generosity has gotten me through a rough patch. Tomorrow I will get back to salvaging my work, tonight I will knit for pleasure and sanity.

  • Thank you so much, Ann and Kay. I was having a rough day and when I turned to your videos, they were an instant pick-me-up. I am planning to get a few of those field guides and especially look forward to some log cabin knitting. I sure wish you both lived in Philadelphia so that we could knit together and be friends.

  • I’ve watched them all today and I feel like I “know” you both so much more! I loved them all and I saw so many delicious projects highlighted that have my brain thinking of all the possibilities

  • Thank you!! I really enjoyed watching you after all these years of enjoying your blog, books and your web site. Such fun and I agree with so many things you pointed out.
    Knitting! Our love and passion!