Kay and Ann’s Excellent Adventure

By Ann Shayne
September 30, 2018

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  • You brought back wonderful memories of an outdoor concert south of Boston…our two teenage sons and their parents experienced Paul Simon and his fantastic band (and an opening set by Bob Dylan…and a couple of songs by Bob and Paul). So many families there introducing a new generation to the genius of Paul. Unforgettable.

  • Sounds dreamy. Sounds perfect.

  • Great picture of two happy people. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  • I do wonder what Vulfpeck would think of their “my 20s were a really, really long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” knitting fans! I do have a question. Last time they came to NOLA, I debated going with the husband and younger daughter. Are their concerts 12 year old appropriate (not like going to the symphony type appropriate, just nothing that could scar the child for life – we take her to almost all the musicals because she is a dancer so she has, for better or worse, seen shows like Chicago!

    • They’re super wholesome, you want to take them home.

      • Take them home and make them all grilled cheese sandwiches.

        • Perfect.

  • You have given me a none too subtle reminder (which is a good thing as I can be a stubborn cow) to grab life, suddenly- urgently- passionately. I’ve become complacent and I need to change that. I’m on it!

  • Ann, I LOVE these moments. I live for them: “it was one of those moments when a song and the moment melt into each other and it’s just too much.” Plus, the picture is adorable. xo

  • Oh, Paul Simon – I am so, so jealous!!

  • There you go making me get teary again. What a lovely memory to make.

  • Perfection.

  • What an Excellent Adventure!! And isn’t it awesome when our grown kids want us to do things, go places, and spend time with them This is the stuff of wonderful memories ❤

  • What a blast. I wish I’d been with you all! Putting in the effort is worth it, and it is true, our kids keep us young. Rock on.

  • I do remember.

  • Holy cow! What a fantabulous weekend! I love that feeling at a concert when you hear those first notes and you know something amazing will follow. Thanks much also for giving me a new band to look out for. Will look for Vulfpeck in Boston .

  • Ann, you are just cool, absolutely!

  • John Prine and that recording has been a favorite since 2000. Thanks o

  • I think that I know every word of every song by Paul Simon. Thanks so much for bringing it to the attention of more people

  • This is the PERFECT start to my Sunday. So thank you for sharing this gorgeous video.


  • Magic.

  • I need to get out more..

  • Oh My Goodness..you lived my dream at the Paul Simon concert. In the 1990’s I did hear him in concert at Starwood Amphitheater outside Nashville…remember that place?

  • WOW! U definitely know how to do New York!

  • Thank you for sharing your wonderful time in New York! Sounds like a perfect trip 🙂

  • A beautiful memory to share! Reminds me of an outdoor concert at the Concord Pavillions with our teenage daughter seeing James Taylor. It’s such a treat to see our children enjoy our favorite music.

  • What a great piece! I have experienced similar moments with my kiddos. I like to think
    I’m sending 2 awesome people out into the world. Isn’t it amazing, the beauty we have produced!

  • 50 years ago this fall, I was a college freshman and went to a Simon and Garfunkel concert at the Syracuse War Memorial. Tickets were $3. Memories were/are priceless.

  • I went to three Beatles concerts; two in Detroit, and one that we traveled to Toronto for I was in jr high. Incomparable.

  • Attagirl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just love this post and Vulfpek just gained a new (and older) fan.