Dries Van Noten, Optimist

By Ann Shayne
October 1, 2017

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  • They sure do look mad, though…

    • Because they’re hungry!

    • Really young, and in some cases prepubescent. I wonder what they would look like on the not so average American woman’s body

  • WOW. The New York Times has a slideshow with photos, but this is way better. You see how the silks move and flutter and shine as the clothing is worn and moved in. (Swoon!)

  • Oh my. Thank you for showing us this. I wish I was 6″ taller and slim so I could wear some of those styles. Sparkly boots! I could wear them at Christmas!

  • Every thing I love. Japanese prints and influence. Bigger shoulders, gorgeous prints, slip dresses,,,, I could plotz!

  • I’m gobsmacked!

  • That was a wonderful treat .

  • I had no time to finish watching right now, but I will later rewinding and stopping and relishing. The prints, fabrics, tiny rows of sparkles attached or loose, the floating… I would wear many of these in a heartbeat, and I’m no youngster!


  • As marvellous as the design of the clothes are, whoever cut and sewed them, pure genius.

  • Thank you so for your attention to couture. Every time I see one of these parades of gorgeous I come away with love for new color combos and a handful of knitting ideas. Yum yum sugarplum.

  • Wow! Such a great collection! ♡

  • The asymmetrical layers of scarf like printed fabrics are fantastic! The subtle gleams and glimmers, the flutter and flow, the play of texture and color… Wow! I don’t care if I can wear them or not (uhm, not)… I can’t afford a true Degas either, but that doesn’t stop my love… Art is Art! And this is Art!

    • Yes! My feelings exactly! Every time I look again, I see new details.

  • Beautiful! I wish the models would smile, though (although I realize that would be problematic for the mouth sequins most are sporting!). And I love the rendition of Be My Baby – one of my favorite songs!

    • Mouth sequins = so odd, don’t you think? It was the only element I didn’t like.

      • Very odd, but I absolutely loved the horizontal sparkles on lips look. Must be the showgirl in me. 😉

  • I loved the pockets and the one shoulder dresses so much! In the case of the former, pockets are what every woman wants in her clothing, and the latter is a very flattering style for so many women (unlike strapless). Really interesting to see the marriage of some 70s-influenced patterns with 80s tailoring (in a good way). I would have loved to seen these styles on women of different sizes — I think these designs cry out for different body types and would look even more stunning!

  • beautiful fabrics, the prints, the colors. Just wow! and very wearable, not just by the models I think.

  • I haven’t sat with my thoughts about couture fashion long enough to articulate them very well. This collection is undeniably beautiful, and unquestionably art. And I suppose that art has always been made for the rich (of course there rare exceptions). I think my problem with fashion is that it has always felt very classist to me. As a middle income woman, why on earth should these clothes matter to me? And as clothing, they absolutely don’t. As art, and inspiration, and even optimism though, I can see the value to my life. Although the optimism part would be easier to feel if the models smiled. I was hoping, all the way through, that one of them would crack their veneer and show some f the fun embodied in the clothes they’re showing off.

    • I was reading about why models don’t smile (the vast majority of them don’t), and apparently it has to do with the difficulty of maintaining a genuine-looking smile for the entire runway. And also with the distraction from the clothes when a model expresses emotion.

      As for the relevance of these clothes to us mortal humans, they’re really actually available to us–Dries is not a couturier. He sells in superfancy department stores, but they’re not totally handmade clothes. What I have found is that the internet has made it possible to bring Dries into my closet at prices no worse than what you see at the mall. If you’re curious, I wrote about my quest for secondhand Dries Van Noten over at Karen Templer’s blog, Fringe Association. https://fringeassociation.com/2016/10/10/21st-century-thrifting-on-the-hunt-for-dries-van-noten/

  • Oh my gosh. So glad to have watched this. The colors and drapery of it all!

  • Ok ok ok I finally “got it” with DvN. The brocades! The silk scarves peeking out from everywhere- uh! The fat handbags! The sparklies! Especially on their lips! What fun.

  • Note to self: mustard + lavender + true olive + salmon