Lazy Sunday: David Shayne Double Feature

By Ann Shayne
March 14, 2021

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  • Both splendid, as always! You should be so proud!

  • Congratulations! Lance Oppenheim isn’t the only prodigy!

  • Wonderful diversions! You must be so proud!

  • So great, Ann.

  • Wonderful work by your talented son! Thanks for sharing.

  • Creative genes travel on to the next generation—I love seeing what out kids turn us into!

  • Perfect for Sunday morning. Thanks for sharing. Such a talented family!

  • If David is done with that yellow Mustang, I’d be happy to take it off his hands! Great vids!!

    • I had a similar thought!

  • Shameless promotion of one’s children is always allowed. LOVE the video!

  • Great stuff! So much talent in one family, you have much reason to be proud. Thanks for sharing!

  • I love it! More. Anytime.

  • Great way to start the day!

  • I laughed. I cried, (seriously). The video was perfect joy. Thank you for sharing your son’s whimsical, adorable genius with all of us!!

  • Terrific pieces! Congratulations to David!

  • Whew, creativity runs in the genepool. I can’t wait to see what he does in the future!

  • What a sweet, funny, uplifting video! Your lanky lad has a unique, creative vision. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Love it! I grew up in the California desert!

  • I had seen the piece on The Villages in The NY Times, great piece! Proud Mama! Kinda makes up for those teenage years, doesn’t it?

  • Thanks so much for sharing your son’s work!

  • Proud mother plugs are always fine! Great work, David M. Shayne! I never watch the op-docs in NYT, maybe I’ll have to start!

  • Beautiful work by your son, Ann! Love it to pieces.

  • I love this! It made me feel so light-hearted and cheerful (rare for these days). I sent the link to all my friends who loved it too. Thank you and well-done!