Lazy Sunday: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

By Ann Shayne
December 20, 2020

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  • Thank you for this recommendation. I look forward to 4 seasons.
    If you have not seen Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, you have a treat in store. Season 1 can be streamed on Hulu. Season 2 starts in January.
    Lots of songs and full on production numbers in this series, in light and dark moments.

  • I LOVE this show! Rachel Bloom & company are brilliant. The first episode remains my favorite with so many incredible musical performances.

  • I actually need a new binge so thank you. BTW, you got me hooked on Alone and now I’m sad I have no more episodes. In general I detest reality shows but that one kept it very real. So great

  • I loved Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! Thank you for the reminder. Going to re-watch it over the holidays!

  • We are in the same FACT vs FICTION split. I haven’t heard of this so I’ll give it a try. My husband surprisingly liked The Crown… The only series in ages we have both agreed on. As always, thanks for the recommendation.

  • I loved this series! For both reviving and sending up musicals at the same time. Such fun and amazingly detailed productions embedded in each episode. Definitely worth rewatching at least for highlights (spoiler alert: the song about sex at that time of the month!! Who knew you could write a song about that??) Ms. Bloom is one creative lady and shameless, a modern day Lucille Ball.

  • I love it too and one thing I can never figure out is how it is both so sweet and so naughty at the same time.

  • Crazy ex girlfriend is an amazing wonderful show. My daughter and I loved it and were lucky enough to go to her live show in Boston when my daughter went to school there. Rachel Bloom has a book out too. She’s brilliant. (Not related or her mom.)

  • I felt the same way about Schitt’s Creek–so much so that I haven’t watched the last episode because I don’t want it to end! I may have to dip my toe into CEG–my crazy step-daughter loved it, which is kind of why I’ve steered clear…. >.<

  • Oh, yes! Rachel Bloom is incredibly gifted and the show is like no other. I can’t wait to see what she cooks up next.

  • I have more to add:

    The Hunters of the Wilderpeople – Netflix FABULOUS
    The Split – BBC; 1st season free on Amazon; 2nd season slight cost to buy all episodes
    Virgin River – Netflix
    Endeavor, then Inspector Morse, the Inspector Lewis – has kept my husband and I going for Months!! Truly exceptional Oxford England based detective series (all 3 of them).

    Lucky YOU if these are all new to you!!

    Some oldies but goodies:
    Last Tango in Halifax
    Home Fires
    The Guernsey Literary and Potatoe Peel Pie Society