Lazy Sunday: Audrey Hepburn

By Kay Gardiner
March 21, 2021

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  • We also watched Audrey this week. Then rented from the library Breakfast at Tiffany’s (George Peppard is as nice to look at as the Tiffany gems) and Roman Holiday (she won an Academy award for her performance, which was great, but the movie was silly). In the very beginning, it tells how she wanted to become a ballerina. They added nothing and were distracting but watching the oldest, the wonderful Alessandra Ferri, one of the most spectacular Juliets I ever saw, was a great.

  • I have read that Audrey Hepburn wanted to be a ballerina at one time in her life. That said, I am so glad she became an actress. She was one of a kind. I especially liked her in Sabrina, having first seen it as a rerun on TV probably when I was a teenager.

    • Sabrina is one of my favorite movies!

  • I also watched Audrey this week, charming biography about a lady far more than a gifted actress. MDK, I happily start each day with you. Thanks.

  • Watched Audrey Friday night, it was wonderful. I too didn’t understand the ballerinas.

  • She was a classically trained dancers as a young woman. But unfortunately growing up in Europe during WWII, she was malnourished as many people were at that time. She lacked the strength and endurance to “make it” as a dancer and instead pursued acting. Luck for us all.

    • Either way we would have been lucky because I think she would have been an amazing ballerina too.

    • Her ballet teacher said she was too tall. Seeing her dance in Funny Face I can only surmise the teacher was being gentle. Audrey Hepburn could only have danced in the corps de ballet. How lucky we are that isn’t where she ended up. My great regret, and I believe one of hers, is that she didn’t have the role of Emma in The Turning Point. She would have been able to “be” a ballerina and certainly would have been able to dance the role properly.

  • I watched it last night and I will watch it again when I am not so busy!
    The opening scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is so beautiful , her expression is so beautiful and painful at the same time. The music ❤️.
    Now if someone would just delete the Mickey Rooney part.

  • I do not think there is one bad Hollywood word about her. I was surprised her only other child, Luca, was not in film. Plus she never lived to meet any of her grandchildren.

  • I highly recommend the autobiography by Robert Matzen, Dutch Girl. (I listened to the audiobook while knitting!)The book gives a more in-depth understanding and appreciation of this amazing actress–from her aristocratic roots, living through the Nazi occupation in the Netherlands including almost dying from starvation, her rise in the Ballet world, etc. It is an amazing story.

    • I was just coming here to recommend this book! I agree with everything you say about it.

  • I watched this last night. She was heartbreakingly lovely from beginning to end.

  • She was wonderful as Sabrina, and as Suzy in one of my scariest-movies-ever, Wait Until Dark.

  • Settled down ready to watch this only to find it isn’t on Netflix in the UK! . Can’t find a release date either. Gutted!