Anna Deavere Smith

By Kay Gardiner
December 11, 2016

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  • <3

  • You remind me, Kay, of the last hours and moments I spent with my father. Important. Holy. Got any tissues? ❤

  • That evening may have done you good but what an intense experience.

    Although I rarely find time to follow up on all the great entertainment you and Ann share, I appreciate reading about them. Thanks!

  • Oh my dear—I too have had that experience in a theater. The fact that you were seeing AD Smith must have made it even more intense. Thank you for finding these clips for us to garter stitch to.

  • She came to Rutgers once and did segments from her play about race riots … it was an unforgettable evening (though I forget the title). Good theater does make you feel things,

    For a lighter Smith, she is in “The Amerian President” – though I admit I was watching West Wing while sewing last week and it just depressed me.

    Swaths of garter stitch, indeed – if you can knit without looking!

  • From another ADS fan, I’m thrilled to hear about more of her performances. I use Fires in the Mirror in multiple college courses I teach, and ask students to try some of Smith’s own interviewing/performance project themselves. It’s always hard, always scary, and always, always worth it.

    She is an exceptional artist and human, I think, and I’m grateful for the work she puts into the world.

  • Big hug for you.
    Thank you for this recommendation and I will definitely save this one for later. At the moment (meaning for about the past 33 days but who’s counting) I’ve been on a very restricted diet when it comes to emotional triggers. I don’t think I could afford to watch Bambi right now.

    • P.S. Loved The Crown! And unlike many viewers, I’m finding this version of a young Philip far more, hmmm, sympathetic? Accessible? Well, “understandable as a partner choice” than Actual Philip. Kudos to Matt Smith! I wouldn’t have thought it could be done.

  • Several years ago, Anna Deavere Smith spoke at a professional conference (of health sciences librarians) that I attended. She spoke about how she wrote “Let Me Down Easy” and performed snippets of it for us. She was amazing!

  • Thanks for sharing this Kay. I will think of you and your dear one (and my dear ones and all of those dear ones so many of us have lost to cancer) when I watch it. I will also think of those who are so deeply worried about losing their health care with the advent of this next administration. See you at the March, I hope. XOClare

  • Sending GIANT love and hugs, Kay.

    Was lucky to see Anna one night on a food sustainability panel with Alice Waters and Homi Bhabha. What a glittering presence and intelligence she brought to this most down-to-earth topic. Truly a Renaissance woman.

  • Both my parents died in the month of December over the past few years. I have not felt jolly this month. I look at pictures of when they were young, with their whole life ahead of them and think of how badly it ended. I understand your pain. Thanks for sharing this great actress.

  • Sending you extra hugs for sharing that difficult memory.

  • Anna Deveare Smith is a frequent performer at one of my local theaters. I have never missed a performance. Her work is very important. Theater is not always about entertainment-it’s also to teach us.

  • I went to see Juno while very pregnant, which had a similar result. Very cathartic!

  • I am catching up on posts. I am a huge ADS fan. I’ve been fortunate to see her performances several times. True theatrical genius.

  • This old post popped to the top of your menu. Did you realize the program you were searching for is now showing on HBO?

    • Edit. Notes From the Field is showing on HBO.