Lazy Sunday: A Visit with Nikki McClure

By Ann Shayne
October 11, 2020

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  • So happy to be ‘reunited’ with Nikki McClure’s work- I bought a calendar and children’s books years ago- sometimes things you love, that speak to you, disappear for no apparent reason and to find them again (or have MDK find them for you) is wonder-full!

  • This was a wonderful interview, so interesting for me to learn about Nikki’s art and background. I happily bought some of her notecards. I love the whole series that Melanie Falick has put together and look forward to the next one!

  • This was a wonderful joy, and mind expanding on a quiet Sunday morning. Thank you for pointing us in this direction! The calendars will be wonderful gifts at Christmas but listening to her conversation is an even better gift.

  • I watched the interview earlier and it was amazing. So, so, so much talent. I was so pumped up after looking at the video that I bought Melanie’s book and it’s awesome as well. Wonderful interviews, great photography, It was money well spent.