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  • Your lawlessness on the coloring sweater seems the only appropriate response. Design rules are only there to encourage the creativity of how to break them.
    Plus, knitting with the size threes and focusing so much on the patterning… ya gotta reward yourself with a lotta color variation to enjoy while you’re at it.

  • I cannot wait to see how this comes out (or what the actual contestants do!)

  • Random clicking on a Ravelry ad brought me to this project which makes most excellent use of shetland fingering-weight in orange and other colors not typically associated with fair-isle:
    Can’t wait to see how your stranded pullover of many colors turns out.

  • i see those luscious colors on your needles and i ithink “oh boy, here it comes!”.
    knit on!

  • Love it already. And, rules? Phhht.

  • I luv your renegade spirit!

  • I luv your renegade spirit!

  • Wait a minute–aren’t you in Nashville? Don’t your fingers get hot knitting with wool in the warm months? Ugh, and having the growing sweater sitting in your lap? It’s like knitting a cat. I worry you might spontaneously combust. Just promise you’ll give up drumming until October.

  • Do you only hand knit or also machine knit?