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  • These are so beautiful!

  • My group of knitters make a blanket for charity each year using the Barn Raising Quilt pattern by Shelley Mackie & Larissa Brown. The group is spread out over the globe, so it can be hard to coordinate colors, but I think this “stained glass” version is our prettiest yet http://www.ravelry.com/projects/catnurse/barn-raising-quilt-2

    The one we’re working on now will be a sort of “watercolor quilt” using smaller blocks in all shades of blue. I hope it comes out in real life as pretty as I see it in my head.

  • Inspirational. I love it.

  • Mary’s sock yarn quilt is gorgeous.

    • Yes it is! Such an inspiration.

  • Twenty years ago, when I worked at Jo-Ann Fabrics, I was one of the few knitters in as sea of quilters. I loved the patterns but hated the process. (My grandmother tried to teach me to quilt when I was 7.) I kept looking at the patterns and thinking “If I was a smarter knitter, I could figure out how to do this”. Now, lo these many years later, my favorite knitting is a Log Cabin Afghan, the very same dreaded summer project with Granny. I wonder what she would think?