The Listening Project

By Kay Gardiner
January 19, 2019

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  • Thanks, I love getting these recommendations! We routinely do a 3 hour drive and this will be perfect.

  • On another topic, I need to contact MDK about a product I ordered. Who and how can I reach out?

    • Hi Madeline!

      An email to [email protected] is all you need to do–just include your order number if possible.

  • FYI This week’s Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4 is James Rebanks – the Herdwick Shepherd.

  • Similar to ‘StoryCorps’ every Friday morning on NPR. Some lovely, important and interesting stories.

  • This sounds like excellent Sunday morning listening! And They Shall Not Grow Old — what a powerful movie! My sister and I took our mom (retired history teacher) over the holidays. I was a little skeptical about the fact that they had “modernized” the film reels, but it was done so well. I hope you stayed for the post-documentary mini-documentary with Peter Jackson, where he discussed the making of the film. I love the fact that “Mademoiselles from Amentieres,” played over the credits, was sung by guys from the British embassy, since they wanted to make sure the accent was correct, and they were the handiest authentic Brits in New Zealand!

  • I love the listening project, it’s also worth checking out Fi Glover in her podcast with Jane Garvey. It’s called Fortunately on BBC sounds. They will be your new best friends!!