The Jungle Prince

By Kay Gardiner
February 1, 2020
The best podcasts tell a good story. Pull up a chair and listen while you knit.

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  • Thank you Kay for your recommendation. I can identify with how you are feeling right now and need to hear something I can grab onto .

  • I read the NY Times article a couple weeks ago. A very intriguing story. I might just listen to the podcast too.

  • Perfect for a rainy Saturday when there’s nothing on the calendar but knitting! Just finished “A Very British Scandal” last night and I’m ready for something more.

  • I listened to this on a long drive recently. Fascinating.

  • I read the article. It was a mind blower.

  • I read the NYT story. I lived in Delhi and never knew! Other Delhiites said similar things in the comments. Amazing to think it’s even possible in a city like that. An extraordinary story indeed.

    I agree it is perfect movie material.

  • Such a haunting story. Now that I’ve seen the photos, I’m going to have to listen again.

  • I look forward to listening to this. The best podcast I have ever listened to is called Bear Brook. It is haunting, intriguing and part of the story is still unsolved. Perhaps they are close – there was one break in this cold case from the 1980s just last fall. It involves genealogy research for crime solving, as well as the sadness of how people can disappear without anyone realizing it for a long while (easier in the years before social media, of course). I recommend it to everyone I know, and even my friends who listen to seemingly every podcast say this one is truly one of the best.

  • I’ll definitely have a listen as I’m finishing up a pair of socks for the hubs. If anyone is interested, I just finished Cider with Rosie: A Memoir, book 1 of a trilogy. Beautifully written.

  • So I did, I listened, and I read, and my mind was BLOWN. What a tragedy. Poor Cyrus and Sakina. Humans are amazing.