Knit to This: Science Vs

By Kay Gardiner
October 12, 2019

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  • Okay, now I HAVE to listen to this! Because your (their) answer just confirmed I’m not crazy. (About this, at least…LOL.). Thanks for the recommendation!

  • I like Ologies too

  • Thanks for this recommendation — I listened to the episode while walking my dog this morning. While I knew the exercise-weight connection, the podcast busted my long held opinion on the depression-exercise connection.

    • There’s an update you should read for that episode!

  • This sounds interesting but unfortunately I loathe podcasts. I could read the same information in a fraction of the time, and generally the production values are awful, and the hosts waffle on and on. I wish people would offer a transcript as i know many people do enjoy listening over reading.

    • Great patterns and designers!

      I have to agree about the podcasts (and many videos) although I enjoy listening to books or BBC radio dramas and stories online. I dislike when news stories online are presented in video only. I could read them much faster.

      • Replying to myself…another annie…there is a transcript available at the YouTube site for this podcast! Yay!

      • Yes! A thousand times! I HATE news that’s presented only in video format. So many of my daily newsletters do this (NPR, I’m especially looking at you), and it just irritates me.

  • A pitch from a Very Opinionated Woman: Please get your kids vaccinated. Vaccines do NOT cause autism. The study setting forth that proposition has been debunked. By real life scientists who know what they’re doing.
    What really stinks is:
    Diptheria (HORRIBLE DEATH -my aunt died from it in infancy- my poor grandma cried about it in her 90s)
    Pertussis (Whooping Cough)
    Tetanus (HORRIBLE death!!)
    Polio- (Ask your friends and relatives who had it and suffer from the aftereffects even now. Or ask the Roosevelts!)
    Measles (See, e. g. Little House on the Prairie- a true story, BTW)
    Mumps- greatest source of male infertility
    Rubella- seriously?
    and so many more.
    Please- reality is a good thing. And science is about testing reality.
    You should try it!

    • Nor do they cause asthma, allergies or auto-immune diseases.