Road Trip Essentials

By Kay Gardiner
July 6, 2019

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  • This looks like the perfect playlist to play during pre-road trip packing as well…thanks.

  • Disappointed that you have to get Spotify to hear the full tracks. Feels like a bait and switch.

    • It’s free, convenient, and completely voluntary.

      • Good to know!

  • OMG–where are my keys? I have to get in the car NOW!! (thanks for this totally-me play list!)

    • LOL, I was listening to it at home and it just didn’t feel right.

  • This is great! I’d add Aretha – Freeway of Love.

  • WFUV was one of my local stations (my roommate worked there) when I was at Fordham U way long ago. WNEW-FM was the hot FM station and we’d all listen to Alison Steele, the Nightbird. On rainy nights she would start her show with The Doors, “Riders on the Storm”. Guess I just took a virtual road trip into my past history.