Nate Bargatze

By Ann Shayne
April 6, 2019

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  • Ann oh my stars thanx for introducing me to Nate!!!!

  • Watched him on the Tonight Show last night. So funny! I am definitely going to watch his Netflix show.

  • OMG, just watched that little mini clip (about Olivia) with subtitles and no sound…and I’m in tears Definitely added to My List. Thank you!

  • Watched him last weekend and laughed until I hurt. And not that profanity puts me off, but it was refreshing to not have it there. He’s amazing!

    • I agree completely–I’m not averse to a gigantic swearfest, at all. But it something very interesting to see a comedian do an entire hour without a single f bomb. So glad you like him too!

  • Can we be friends with him? Dying laughing. WHICH I NEED BECAUSE OLIVE AND I ARE DOING THE TAXES.

  • I’m thinking, “Nate Bargatze. Why do I know that name?” Oh, yeah, I was at the Ryman that night, too! Thanks for the reminder. DH and I will be watching the Tennessee Kid…and laughing our heads off! Will this affect my gauge?

  • I just love this site and all your recommendations. I spend so much time looking for things to watch and listen to while knitting and there is just so much out there that sometimes its hard to filter. But I definitely am going to listen to The Tennessee Kid today. And I already started Mrs WIlson (anything on Masterpiece is great). One more thing to say, I love that us knitters have such a great sense o.f humor and appreciation for it. Thanks again