Knit to This: Amy Sedaris and Conan O’Brien

By Kay Gardiner
February 13, 2021

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  • I’ve learned that even those of us who are profoundly introverted need time spent in the actual presence of other people. (And, boy, was I surprised to find that out after a lifetime of wanting to be left alone!) Last summer and fall, I could be outside with my friends, but it’s too cold for that right now. I’m looking forward to the spring!

  • I’d skip this. I don’t get her humor (maybe it’s the covid) but I thought she was pretty raunchy and not very entertaining.

  • I adore Amy Sedaris. I remember reading her brother’s books and wondering “why would she wear a fat suit at all, let alone half a fat suit”. I haven’t seen or heard enough of her work, but I’ll seek this out.
    A few of my friends know that I have the sense of humor of a 12-16 year old boy from the 70’s. I get the feeling that I have that in common with Amy!

  • First I LOVE my cup and use it almost daily. After surviving Covid pneumonia and the isolation and the side effect of not having feeling in my feet (?) and having to use a walker I need a good laugh that won’t scare the dog. If it were not for knitting , and books I would have lost my mind. Great new book to read titled Wintering by Katherine May. Perfect book for this time.

  • OMG-thank you, Kay, for introducing me to this podcast and this episode. I was listening, enjoying the humor and the repartee and suddenly I was crying I was laughing so hard. Please don’t judge me. I think I really needed that!