Radio Cherry Bombe

By Kay Gardiner
December 9, 2017

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  • This was a delicious post to read while eating my chocolate babka and drinking my coffee this A.M. I do love a good chocolate chip cookie – I’ve been baking the same recipe for years. When I buy them, my favorite is Jacques Torres. I saw him years ago at the Hudson St. location and totally freaked out. Should have asked for an autograph! (These were the days before smart phones and asking to take a photo).

  • Would you care to annotate our copies of Persiana? Knowing which recipes are the ones you repeat would be lovely!

    • My favorite by far is Chicken, Preserved Lemon & Olive Tagine. (Recipe here:

      You must love lemons and olives, of course, as it’s quite tangy with these sharp flavors. This is a pantry dish for me because I keep the olives and preserved lemons on hand from Trader Joe’s, so I just need the chicken thighs and onions. It’s dinner-party worthy but easy for Just Us.

      I’ve made nearly all of the non-lamb tagines in the book (I don’t like lamb; Belinda swore by the Persian Dried Lime, Lamb and Split Pea stew, said it is incredibly delicious). Another staple, for my vegetarians, is the Tomato Bulgar Wheat, such a simple side dish that keeps well in the fridge for vegetarian emergency meals.

      • Preserved Lemons have been on my mind! I made them a few years ago which led to a fabulous chicken dish. I cannot find that recipe – if I don’t locate it soon, I’ll try this link. Thanks Kay.

      • THANK YOU!!! I’ll have to try that lamb one too. I was just thinking that today – cold, grey, dreary – would be a good tagine day!

        If you’re feeding vegetarians, may I recommend this:

        It’s AMAZING.

        One recommendation though: cut your squash into slices, and then use your knife to slice off the skin. (Like you take watermelon rind off.) Squashes dull vegetable peelers faster than fast!

  • Chills over here because on this very week (I just checked my calendar) three years ago, son David and I were on a trip to London, and we were at Belinda and Neil’s for supper, and she gave me two cookbooks after I complimented her (epic) menu. One of them was Persiana. SOB! SMILE! So bittersweet to remember Belinda and her boundless generosity and love.

  • I have wondered about the salted tahini cookies. Perhaps I’ll go wild and not use the Toll House recipe. Our favorite local restaurant is Persian, with a little grocery store attached that has all the supplies. I bet they have these books, as well. I usually just let them cook.

    • You are lucky! I’d love to have a non-cooking alternative to get this food. The tagines, though, are great family fare and quite simple. (Since my kids are veggies, and not around a lot, Family Fare = Kay Fare for Days, but you know….)

    • Also, I never would have tried the salted tahini choc chip cookies if I hadn’t taken a “class” (charity auction thing) with Julia Moskin, and the take-away gift was a baggie with the cookie dough in it. SOLD. The recipe dates to before everything chocolate was salted. The tahini is a subtle undertone/texture. Super yum.

  • Radio Cherry Bombe is a great podcast – totally agree that Kerry Diamond’s voice is so soothing- and she is a bright and thoughtful interviewer.

  • Marjane Satrapi, who wrote Persepolis, also wrote Chicken with Plums and it’s always made me want to try that recipe. I guess checking these books would be a good place to start.

  • A new podcast and new recipes to try. Thank you! I don’t think I’ve ever made Persian food before, but I love to cook. New adventures await!